Buckles and Boots / Press

“Among Brian and Jessi Maxwell’s many musical endeavors, Buckles and Boots is at once the truest and the most fanciful, a cowboy parlor fantasy founded on true-life tales of drama and domestic bliss...To capture this experience on record, the Maxwells hired engineer Jay Alton as a producer. More than just setting up mics and pressing record, Alton was a creative factor, adding subtle arrangements and breaking songwriting stalemates. The result is an intimate but adorned double-disc set — a saucy “Saturday night”-style full-length called The Dirty Listen and a tender “Sunday morning”-style EP called Laundry on the Line. The lightweight EP is more of an aberration; Buckles and Boots tends toward crazy stories of Jessi’s former wild life as a bartender in Akron.”

“This husband and wife duo craft beautiful country and folk tunes around her songbird-like voice and his skills with just about any instrument that needs picked or plucked.”

“Buckles and Boots, if the name conjures up images in your mind of pink cowboy boots, gnarly belt buckles, killer facial hair and whiskey fountains flowing freely to be enjoyed by the masses then you are well on your way to understanding the idea behind the two-piece, bare bones, darkly themed country/folk inspired band that is Buckles and Boots. ...Jessi can and does cover many different ranges and sounds with her voice. From soft airy barely audible cries to forceful vehement banshee wails that can have you skin crawling and your mind wondering where she is going to go, and if you can follow... catch them live around town, give up the re-runs of your favorite show or tired social setting and check out one of Columbus' many great bands. Do it, fucking do it right now.”

“I like what you guys do. Got a great clean sound, like a modernized bluegrass, alternative rock hybrid with elegant instrumentals and creative rythyms and skilled guitar rips.”

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