Buckle Rash / Press

" I was shocked to see how many die hard Buckle Rash fans were already waiting at Alex’s, as the band set up. I was even more surprised at the steady influx of more fans, although the snow was steadily coming down." "All of the members of Buckle Rash are down to earth, living for the sake of life, and their music reflects this attitude."

“The band Buckle Rash, from Ashland, Ore., will be bringing their unique blend of old school country, punk and blues to Brothers Bar and Grill in Lake Tahoe on Friday, February 7th.”

“The band Buckle Rash, from Ashland, OR, will be bringing their unique blend of old school country and blues to Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor for their Reno debut.”

"Combining the old-school style of country and blues with the energy of a punk band, Buckle Rash is currently touring in support of their debut album, 'Conradson'."

"It started in the wake of two reggae bands gone bye-bye. But Buckle Rash now incorporates a country, bluesy Southern rock with a rowdy punk twist."

"Punk-Country rebels from Ashland..."

"Former members of reggae group Synrgy have rearranged, regrouped and re-tooled as rock 'n' roll band Buckle Rash."

"Country rock with a punk twist."

"The new group is a unique blend of old-style country and southern rock with an unexpected punk twist just for kicks...boot-stompin', elbow swingin' kind of music."