Buckeye Knoll / Press

"Streblow is the real deal, blessed with an expressive voice and solid guitar skills. But, in the end, what makes the album unforgettable are the song lyrics"- -The San Francisco Chronicle 8/8/10 "If Kerouac’s On the Road had a score, People and Place would be a strong frontrunner."-Unsigned Find 5/25/10 "Its latest release, People and Place, contains gentle, pretty pop rock songs with a twangy edge and rootsy tendencies (think Crosby Stills and Nash)."-East Bay Express 5/12/10 "His strident, earnest vocals have emo written all over them. But for Buckeye Knoll, Streblow’s pop instinct is tempered with an appealing folksiness." -Ourstage Magazine 10/6/10 "I firmly believe Buckeye Knoll could easily melt any girl's heart and buckle her knees. The clarity of the vocals and instruments in this band's soul pop, acoustic-guitar-infused tunes is astounding." -Shuffle On 10/22/10 "Blending pop melodies with country rhythms, the record truly is genre bending."-One Night Music 5/11/