BUCK69 / Press

“It's been six years since I've last heard from Buck 69, and as the saying goes - good things are worth waiting for. The band is back with their second release and it's title is something I'd like to hear my doctor say one day...."No Medicine Like The Blues".”

“You've probably noticed by now that this editor has a thing for blues... Not just any blues but soulful blues. That's why I flipped out when Tommy sent me an email responding to my cry for new bands to be featured in our newsletters. Not only is Buck69 talented, well put together and ready for the big stage but they also have a tone that keeps you coming back for more. ”

Jordan Warford - Guitar Tips

“Tube saturated guitars and barroom blues originals dominate Buck69's 14-track record, "When She Whispers Your Name". The eight-piece band moves through energetic cuts like opening track 'T-Town', track 3's 'Misery', and medium groover and title-track When She Whispers Your Name before landing with finesse on "Cold Wind". That track 5 is a slow 16-bar blues showcase for the axe wielders of the band while vocals - both lead and background, provide the soul. An award for song titles ought to be given for track 8's, "Sex Drugs UR Mom & Me" - the crybaby lines provided by Alex Clawson answer and fill the lyrical fun, 'I'd be a dead dead man if looks could kill. . .i know it wasn't right, but baby it was just one night. .it was an awful sight to see,. .sex drugs your mom and me'.”

“The biography of BUCK 69 states that the band is influenced by more than three generations of music. This father and son blues rock band claim to be made up of three members over the age of 45 and five members under the age of 30. And when I looked at the picture, with absolutely no further help, I was able to figure out who the three were and who the five were...amazing! ”