Bubonik Funk / Press

"An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way." Bubonik Funk are intellectuals who are musical artists. They can say it any way they want."

"Bubonik Funk has “always got a groove, it always has a good pocket of rhythm, and from there it streams into rock, sometimes pop, funk, r&b.” Luckily, the band will be dosing us with funk rock on the rooftop of the Georgia Theatre this Friday, August 9th, so prepare yourselves for a funky (free) time! "

“With a name just as catchy as its music, Bubonik Funk continues to infect its audience with a new blend of sound not heard in today's modern bands. The Charlotte quartet is bringing it back where it started, blending the '70s funk era with modern alternative rock riffs and mellow grooves in a mixture that actually works.”

“If you are a fan of soul/blues/rock/funk and looking for something fresh and alive, look no further, inject your musical soul with a dose of Bubonik Funk”

"These guys are on to something"

Barry Angelo

"Bubonik Funk has an energy and talent that most bands only dream of."

Muzak Heart and Soul

"The eclectic but chemistry-laden collection of four musicians who are quietly taking the Queen City’s underground music scene by storm"

Karsen Price