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“Some of the tracks from Asleep are ambient but others are quite not ambient. So, I’ll go with the nondescript-boring-vanilla-label of electronica, though Asleep is decidedly rum raisin. You’l find some songs filled with humor, some filled with drums and others filled with ambient soundscapes, but what you won’t find is boring music.”

“Talking about my latest album “Split Infinitive” UBLF had this to say, 'The album is an artful piece of auditory grandness tugging constantly at your emotions'.”

“In the same way we connected with Broken Haze, Portland-based Bubbles wiggled his way into our eardrums the other day via Twitter. Looking for press to tout his latest album, #speech, 507projex was keen to listen and we like what we heard. Bubbles’ music is hard to define or pin down, ...”

“DJs, podcasters, radio shows, & music bloggers: Let me know if you would like to get my new album #speech & I'll give you code to DL. Just leave me a message!”

bubbles - bubbles weekly

“Sicker than swine.”

#pighemoth - Swine Flu Weekly

“This is how a DJ turns Producer and does it right!”

Prophetnoise - Reverbnation