BTME / Press

"Fuckin' Bane & Clockwork are fuckin' crazy wit the Chopping!!!!!!"

YP the Cultleader - Unseen Asylum

"You guys should be on the radio and headlining shows!"

Sellassie - We All We Got

"You guys are fuckin Rock Stars!!!"

Boxcar - Element Lounge show

"These boys are hot. Period. End of subject"

Brutha Smith - JDRF Benefit Show

"Shout out to BTME. Them niggaz comin' hard!"

Young Dirty Bastard - Rock the Bells

"The Gatlin fucks with BTME!"

The Gatlin - Sac Cypher Vol. 1

"If anyone says BTME sucks they're some damn liars. If they say BTME sucks tell them to suck MY dick!!!"

JCalibur - Swag @ Lot 46