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"I'm very interested in pushing peoples' musical minds," he continues. "I'm extremely interested in seeing what people can do when they get outside of themselves."

B Swizlo

“Swizlo demonstrates astounding versatility on ...Humboldt $#!?. Utilizing the electric organ and piano and a handful of talented instrumentalists, Swizlo creates many kinds of tracks, including West Coast synthesized bass-heavy slumpers, mellow twinklers, rock 'n' rollers, old-school vocal recreations”

- Ky Junkins/Synthesis Magazine

"This Humboldt county hip/hop CD is with out a doubt one of the best CDs to come out this year. Garth Vader definitely stepped it up and is a fast paced flawless lyricist period."

Jacob Geissler - cd baby site - Unpredictable Individual, vol. 2- The Chronicles

"Swizlo's Afro" is a deserving finale. B Swizlo is Nucleus' newest addition and his impact is obvious throughout the entire Love and Gold album. "Afro" rounds out a great album that's enjoyable from start-to-finish.

Johnny Goff- JamBase

“ This is a good representation of the sound that is emerging from the counter culture that is Humboldt County, CA. BSWIZLO is a monster keyboardist and does a great job of pulling together an all time crew of musicians to make this record more eclectic and live feeling than a lot of Hiphop that you'll hear. This is true independant music. The opposite of the nonsense HIP-POP the Industry be pushing. BUY THIS RECORD AND PLAY IT LOUD!!!! ”

by SHCviking about B Swizlo's Future Hits of that Humboldt $#!?

“Bswizlo provides beats for a wide variety of DOPE rappers from Humboldt County, California. My favorite tracks from this collection are Out The Door, Uptight Livin, and Apology Rejected. Keep your eyes on the Subliminal Sabotage crew as they are a wicked live show and spit that real conscious hip hop! This album is straight sick! Support real independant HEAT!!! ”


“This track is also the first time Nucleus' keyboardist B. Swizlo's impact is felt. He provides a catchy contrast between the hard, edgy sound of the vocals and chorus with keyboard ska rhythms.”

Johnny Goff, Jambase

"great groundbreaking and refreshing hip-hop stomp from No. Cali!!


"perhaps the MCs saved their best material for solo songs. Personal favorite: Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader waxing poetic about the “sticky-icky situations” he’s been through with the love of his life, “I Love You Mary Jane,” over a memorably buoyant organ-filled track."

ky junkins - synthesis

“B Swizlo is part of a small group of musical innovators based in Humboldt County CA. pioneering a movement called THE HUMBOLDT COLLECTIVE. He has been a cornerstone for this part of Northern California since 1998 serving up some of the best music to come out of the area. B Swizlo is the backbone and finds himself to be at the center of a musical movement that expands into many different genres as he has been part of over 20 albums, and at least 15 extreme sport videos, and dvds. Swizlo produces, composes and pulls together some of the finest musicians working with a number of bands as a keyboardist, session player, songwriter, and band leader. Not only working in Northern Cali, B swizlo has a group of artists, collaborators of all sorts, from singers, engineers, djs and instrumentalists in S.F, L.A, Colorado, Chicago and more pushing the envelope all the time, spreading positive messages about our world, politics, social and cultural awareness, organics, and self-sustainability. ”

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