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“whats up i have to give you mad props for dear joe and joey its one of the freshest tracks ive ever heard”

just a ninja - Myspace fan mail

“dear joe and joey is a bomb ass song... mmfwcl”

lilbitofshangrila - Myspace fan mail

“Dude, that Joe and Joey track was fxckin unbelievable. Couldn't have said it better myself. Much Love.”

just a ninja - Myspace fan mail

“yo dude first time I heard dear joe and joey man that shit touched me and still to this day that shit is fresh as fxck thanks for havin it on your shit”

juggalo327 - Myspace fan mail

“dude, that song dear joey and joey was hella sick. props”

effenberger - Myspace fan mail

“I just heard your song... All I want to say is thank you for the Dear Joe and Joey song. It captures the juggalo shine like whut, holy crap it's good. I'm feeling every line in the song.”

just a ninja - Myspace fan mail

“Your Dear Joe and Joey tack is simply amazing it amazes me everytime i hear it...”

malibu26 - Myspace fan mail

“dude, dear joe and joey, was a great song. the lyrics are so like deep. i can totally relate to all of that shit and the dark carnival is my life man. much clown love.”

ryusrealm - Myspace fan mail

“i just got finished listening to dear joe and joey. i know you've got this before but mad props to you. i'm lost in the words of that single track. you touched my soul with that. i actually cried!”

Phatta Fresh - Myspace message

“dude. dear joe and joey is the shit. gets me right here. you know?”

just a ninja - Myspace fan mail

“I'm straight from: Cleveland, Ohio fam & I got's to give you mad ass props... your track: Dear Joe & Joey was quite litterally the newest fresh shit I have heard in a while... & Just a Ninja is officially my new theme song...”

just a ninja - Myspace fan mail

“yo juggalo lovin the dear joe and joey song mad love ninja mmfcjfl”

freakyjoker eric - Myspace fan mail

“holy shit man you're amazing!! i came to your page and i gotta say you fucking rocked my socks off man, it's the first time i ever completely listen to the songs that are on someone's player, and you're are dead on. i especially love your song 'dear joe and joey' man that song mezmerized me...”

somber butterfly - Myspace fan mail

“ooohhhhhh yea dear joe and joey is fxckin ill”

just a ninja - Myspace fan mail

“you fxckin touched me with that track... it gave me that feelin... u know what im talkin about. that fresh fxckin juggalo feelin. that pride. im just speechless... i just wana give u the illest props...”

d0p - Myspace fan mail

“I want to thank you personally... "Dear Joe and Joey" actually made me cry because it is so true. ICP constantly gets a bad rap... the media doesn't get it... I want to thank you. For the song, and just capturing the truth behind ICP not the rumors that surface. Thank you so much...”

jimmymcuno - Myspace fan mail

“i just wanted to tell u I love the Dear Joe and Joey song. it was awesome. it really expresses many feelings and it is EXACTLY how i feel...”

just a ninjette - Myspace fan mail

“i just wanna give you some HUGE fxcking props on "Dear Joe And Joey" man i feel you on every word you said. i swear i felt somethin crazy when i heard that, kinda like the first time i heard Thy Unveiling.”

Italin Criminal - Myspace fan mail

“man is all i got to say man that dear joe and joey brought fxckin tears to me and a few homies especially around the end when u started tha old choruses man ALL I GOT TO SAY IS MMFCL”

juggalorandall - Myspace fan mail

“Hey man, I heard your joe and joey song and it gave me that juggalo chill i get up my spine. Your pretty fresh and im hoping you submitted you shit to off the clock or something. I really wanna do what you do and hopefully get the same kind of freshness flowing off my lyrics as yours..”

blazfami - Myspace fan mail

“Waz up juggalo? i just wanted 2 say that i love ur shit!!!!!!! i got that dear joey and joey as my song its sick as hell!!!! MMFWCL”

juggalox4life - Myspace fan mail

“i love the song u did "dear joe and joey" it made me smile”

magickmushroom - Myspace fan mail

“All your tracks are down as fxck homie but the new one takes the cake, and your getten really good with your graphic design skills, Im glad theres juggalos like you out there representin and preachin that juggalo pride, MCL”

muzzlefacedkilla - Myspace fan mail

“ur the shit man no joke... i got 10 cds made of the songs i got so u got at least 10 juggalos in warren ohio rockin yo shit... mmfcl”

reallytwiztid4life - Myspace fan mail


HEATHER - Myspace fan mail

“mmfwcl and that song dear joe and joey is fresh as fxck”

jaredplique - Myspace fan mail

“Cant wait to hear your new song, just wanted to let you know after hearing Dear Joe and Joey you inspired me to start working on a life long dream of making music, you truly are one of the freshest ninjas i've seen on myspace MCWCFL”

vatoteazel - Myspace fan mail

“was shakin ninja. i just wanted to drop by n show some clown luv, and tell you yo trax iz dope. im diggin that Dear joe and joey track like a muthafxka. keep it scrubbin homie”

jdubcee - Myspace fan mail

“The song Dear Joe and Joey was fxck'n wickid fresh!”

just a ninja - Myspace fan mail

“wasup hell yeah juggalo my homie told me bout you thats fatass dope rap homie fresh as icp them selves nice work stay up homie”

just a ninja - Myspace fan mail

“yo man! ...im not pro... im not anyone but a ninja!!! ive been peeping icp since 1993!!! thats my life!! and i ran across you! and your dear joe and what not... that was cool.. it looked like ya found your calling... that song was somin else... but on the real tip.. im not trying to scam anyone!!! imma juggalo 4 life!!!”

snuffy - Myspace fan mail

“yo what up ninja? i just wanna give you mad props on the joe and joey song. that shit touched my heart...”

darkjuggalotus25 - Myspace fan mail

“dude ur songs r the shit, joe and joey is the greatest song that i have heard for someone that i never heard of. im glad that i did a search for juggalo shit... ur fresh as hell, i just gotta say us a tru fxkin juggalo like me much mutha fxckin clown luv juggalo”

juggalo jk - Myspace fan mail

“Dead joe and joey is fresh as fuck that song has a lot of meaning that Juggalos need to listen to...there's alot of Juggalo's that are lost and dont truly understand what it really means to be a Juggalo you know what i mean. peace out MMFWCL4L”

physcophatickilla - Myspace fan mail

“yo ninja i really feel that dear joe and joey song... u have talent personally i think u could go all the way to psychopathic records... keep bustin mad rhymes”

alucardrub - Myspace fan mail

“sup homie, love the song Dear Joe and Joey, keep on making music...”

biteingandblood - Myspace fan mail

“yur shit is fresh i like that dear joe & joey song if its cool i'd like to put that on my myspace any way peace out ninja mcl”

havocthaghost - Myspace fan mail

“That wuz tha mutha fxckin shyt!!!!! Man it was like everything I eva wanted to say ta Shaggs n Jay. You get a 10, whut eva tha fxck that is. Two fxckin thumbs up!!! o.k. I have my bag, I can breath now... Bra fxckin ooo.. Peace, mmfcl”

Psycho Bob - Myspace fan mail

“Yo Ninja I love Dear Joe and Joey. I know where you coming from cause I've been there and done that...”

thekaostheory - Myspace fan mail

“man dear joe and joey is damn good, and just a ninja is phat as hell... i know im gonna b down for as long as i live, cant wait for the gathering this year, 1st time goin, u should do dat 15 minutes on da mike thing man, luve to hear joe and joey live”

lazylukey1 - Myspace fan mail

“whats up man, Dear Joe And Joey is the shit, just want to tell u man mcl”

shrop101 - Myspace fan mail

“man that joe and joey track given me flashbacks dog. sounds like my life story. saw my first show in 97. thats when it all started i got dropped off in novi MI for the first gathering and greyhounded it back from det. i was like 16 or sumthen. keep it a 100% fam!!!”

WbW - Myspace fan mail

“DAMN!! ur fxckin fresh !, that song for icp was the SHIT ! loved it. mad props to u homie MAADD props. MMFWCL...”

abk7 - Myspace fan mail

“yo dude i was just browsin lookin for some fresh music and i stumbled upon your site. I just wanted to say much props with that dear joe and joey song. That shit is fresh as fxck. thats really all I wanted to say. much much family love.”

The staplehead - Myspace fan mail

“yea mun... nice great writing STEADY”

rs1212 - Myspace fan mail

“i just wanna say that your dear joe and joey sums it all up perfctly. i remember the first icp song i ever heard which was right after my dad died. the song was walk into the light and once i hear that song i knew i'd be alright. i was going through a real hard time but at least now i know there is a place for me on the wagons. well thanks for listening ninja peace.”

pakapete - Myspace fan mail