BS101 / Press

“Frontman Dick James is always the show stealer; not just with his phallic humor and stage antics, but his costume changes. His first number was a snake skin suit topped by a matted wig of disheveled hair. This outfit was backed by the infectious jingle “1,2,3,4,5″ (yeah, the one from Sesame Street). When they rocked their ode to the under appreciated genius Nikola Tesla, it sparked interest, and the shy crowd began to see the superconductive power of BS101. They brought it back up to eleven on “Crayons are Forever,” which features awesome finger tapping by guitarist, Stiletto. BS closed their all too short set with their 40-song medley. The song is a mash up of hit songs from throughout history, including everything from Spice Girls to Led Zeppelin. Originally only 20 songs, the addition features Daft Punk, Alanis Morissette, and the Bee Gees (who knew bassist Doc Johnson could sing that high?) The set”

“BS101 definitely know how to work the crowd. The audience was intrigued by them from the very start with their epic intro. The comedy aspect of the band is not only in their lyrics, which range from telling a sad story of “Nicola Tesla” (my personal favourite) to mocking “Enrique Iglesias”, but also in their costumes. Who can sit with a straight face while watching guys with fake afros in sequined vests. The singer, Dick James, even had a costume change mid-set. The second outfit saw him in a colourful mohawk wig and a bright vest, in which he looked strikingly like a parrot! The guys would fit well with the bands of the 90′s like Mr. Bungle or Mad Caddies, and since 90′s nostalgia is in full swing right now, they are bound to become fans favourites in no time. The guys are skilled in playing many different genres as was demonstrated during their 25 song medley, which tackled hits ranging from “Wannabe” to “Blitzkrieg Bop”.”