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brYdn / Press

“Torso - part 1 - 3/1/9 I'm in traffic court. I'm an observer. The people start to enter the court room. We brief the accused not to worry cos they are the family and the judge is their dad. The court begins. The judge is seated and begins to speak over the loud speaker PA. He's in a gray suite. I take a seat in the back of the room. It slopes down, the judge on top, opposite of a stadium. I sit next to the black men who are dressed in suites. The court room is brand new. Gray and acoustic tile. I notice an old hubcap hung on the wall for art. I point out to the men I'm sitting near that there's a giant tractor hubcap suspended from the ceiling too. I make a comment, "Why is that up there for art?"”

torso - part 1

“Torso - part 2 - 3/1/9 We're called into the next room. There be an industrial accident. A worker is run over by a scissor lift dump truck. Paramedics are there. It's a beautiful wooden floor room; wood trim, just painted and finished, a large room. A torso of the man is laying on it's back; no head, no arms, no legs. We want to see his stools, so an incision is made just below the rib cage. A bike pump is inserted in the anus. I'm told to build pressure up and force the stool sample out the incision. I'm pumping the air into the intestines. The stool comes out one long piece on a towel.”

torso - part 2

“[top of page 6] [LOAD TEXT] PART 1 load cart with a lot of boxes for the kitchen, suitbag a drape upon the forearm, slung across the shoulder, skateboard carried in the hand,”

“### [top of page 6] [LOAD TEXT] PART 2 foldingwood step ladder leans against a ramp, fork lift with a load, hand bags at each hand, portman walking under ramp to docking plane, tazi to the take off run way”

[load text] - part 2

“[top of page 6] [LOAD TEXT] PART 3 sitting cafe, ashtray, sugar server, cream and salt and pepper, room to talk but not of much, picture of a building on a corner done in line and back round, crash and rattle from a busy back room scene, time from clock in light upon the wall beyond”

“[top of page 6] [LOAD TEXT] PART 4 the bar, mirror pictures lonely man across the room abou to leave, with coffee cup, stain glass window sign above desert display waitress carries menus to arriving guest donuts on a seethrough covered metal stand, heat lamps gheouling warm the orders set to serve”

“Grandma's Back Porch Grandma can't get in her apartment. I help her through the back to get there. DREAM 06/13/2009 Grandma's Locked-out. I'm just arriving at my apartment. My Grandma, who lives next door has locked herself out of her apartment. She want me to open my apartment back door to the common porch so she can get in her place [confusing that opening my back door lets her in her apartment, parallel universe, but then this is a dream]. I unbolt the lock to the door to the common area. We go out on the porch. Her friends are there. We sit and visit. She can now get in her apartment next door through her back door. Old age can lead to remembering things. Posted by Buck Lodestone at 6:17 PM Labels: apartment, Grandma”

grandma's back porch

“Dream 061309 three schools. I'm going to look at 3 schools. The first one I'm looking at from the ground. It's a 4 story tall obelisk with 4 sides made of bricks. The top is a round bubble made of brick. There are horn bells made of brick and small windows on all sides of the sphere. It's very solid.”

three schools - part 1

“Dream 061309 three schools. The next one is elaborate. Dark brown, at first I think we're talking about Clackamas Community College. I'm looking at this building from the air as in a helicopter. The building is a small single story, multifacited brown shingle roof. The sides of the building are dark wood brow. As I fly past I notice how beautiful the style of the building is with the angles of the roof. As a single car tran on a track that rolls around the roof.”

three schools - part 2

“Dream 061309 three schools. The third school building I'm looking at from flying around it. It's also a dark brown building. It's huge. There's also a multifacited roof. The building is monsterous. It's near the beach.”

three schools - part 3

“PICTURE PRINTING PART 1 portrait pictures of the special places of the state upon the wall, cooling pump machines turn off and on a hum, union station newsstand lady takes and makes some buyers change, wide tall open way to large main room, children paying pennies for their weight and fortune, baseball caps on heads of young and old, picture of a mountain lake reflection,”

picture painting

“PICTURE PRINTING PART 2 people carry bags and luggage by assured with it there feelings, receipts totaled on a registrar, clock hung on the wall so everyone will know the time, room is some where far away and yet you never get there, fashioned in an early style, candy-gum and cigarettes, ice cream cone and paper napkin.”

picture painting

“PICTURE PRINTING PART 3 wander round with some kid outside through two double wood deck doors, brother and his little sisters looking at the schedule rack, some folk”

picture painting

“PART 1 SCATTERED SERIES scattered box town, office around a corner, bucket seat sale, yes we're open automatic bridge ahead, building cafe, single tables wire and wood seat chairs, swirling brick layer nook walk floor, open air look second level lead to from the stairs, plastic flower decoration, tarnish black wrought iron rail n' trim; coffee fills an empty cup, travel service paints a will with sights n' faces from across the world, ceiling lights are high, show lamps aim, shops door open letting shoppers come and go, window display on each side along the hall, plastic flower decorations on a wall,”

scattered series

“SCATTERED SERIES PART 2 painted wooden clown with quilt patch pants n' flower button smoking coat above a double china cabinet holds his red top hat in one white glove cigars in a other, antiques sold in special shop, fine clothes shop has summer stock on sale, shoppers gather round a tables talking friends and polities as”

scattered series

“BROWNBAG TABLEWARE BOOK PART 2 heavy solid copper jelly pan, oil on canvas mountain scene, maple spoon rack, solid brass plaque first class doctor, first class teacher, first class man, order number from a cafe calls and states there's one to go, building echoed intercom, "check your tickets, ready to go number one," shop display full outside tableware,”

brownbag tableware book

“BROWNBAG TABLEWARE BOOK PART 1 other brown bag lunch away, menu lists elections lite to read with stepped, wall hung menu, in a ceiling built four stain glass window hard to see unless your looking, weekly paper stack upon a steps to get to onna way, wooden clown looks real when you spot him from a far round table, toys and treasures fill a gift shop lead- out window shelf, biggest table seating [bin] wood-slat iron armrest bench is painted with a yellow cream enamel, oil wick lamp set, glass bird nest tray,”

brownbag tableware book

“PART 1; empty lonely lobby, hand truck rolled by bag-man, pigeon fly above the jetty where the gates are and the long white boarding ramps, barrels set outside the office building of the field, yellow lines on asphalt mark the way, engines roar and rockets jet through sunrays cutting through the sky, workman dumping from a red round can gas in his van, fire department building waits a cross the field,”

empty portmen section 1

“PART 2; "leonard gunn, white paging phone for message," rolling metal work high ladder, driver roofing contract pickup truck is driving by and looking for a parking place, place to park, forklift passing backwards, baggage truck moves ramp to ramp,”

empty portmen section 2

“PART 3; raven hurries as a jet explodes to motion, airplane pulls a trail of mist as fading in the distance, fading out of sight, passing plane reflects it image on glass viewing windows, pigeon flies a lone above a boarding building gate, portmen”

empty portmen section 3

“entry description: i, Quarter Lessfour, write these explorations of the mind through telekinesis, and spoon bending a dreamy cloud of perception when the the frequency falls to 4hz , to understand the true meaning of wealth, health and happiness with nothing more than a pencil, a note pad and dim lighting.”

general bourbaki

“kelly strips out plastic lugnut w/ vice grips look in back n' trunk spare lug air core document name:terries car document date:04/05/2010 document description: dreams from journal entry description: i, Quarter Lessfour, write these explorations of the mind through telekinesis, and spoon bending a dreamy”

general bourbaki

“some watch tv tuesday, wednesday, n' thrusday some weekend solve problem lettle ballons represents roommates "L" shape bed in corner go to leave auto fix car black VW w/ old chrome trim flat tire jack it up over head metal plate bolt loose drop light spins around on jack back yard picket fence”

general bourbaki

“cross street gas station n' store meet friendly girl there walk past vet who's her mom invites me in, i leave kelly's place is there back patio dry erase on outside of wall chart to watch tv color pens room mates”

general bourbaki

“JOURNAL: locked down all morning cos beau and the new guys kept playing bones once the lights went out. everyone's been making cat, dog and wolf calls once we get locked in. deputy gets pissed and tells them they dont own the place. have a super painful finger yesterday. feels like a paper cut to the bone. red bump coming out of wound looks like a third eye w/ pus coming out of it. neighbor newton had 4 cellies in 4 days. then a new guy came in during late night lockdown. someone yells out, in a low growley voice, "fresh meat" for a creepy welcome. this morning we are locked down w/o razor. it's a second day w/o razor. breakfast. lockdown. meds which is a mortin. lockdown. newton and i go to clinic. least amount of inmates ever for a total of three this morning. nurse collerhon really applies a mummy bandage so i dont mess with the healing process. lots of clear fluid coming out. a dab of ointment. once we are done it looks like a pistol. newton and i get back from teenage mutant turtl”

locked down

“DREAM: i'm in a basement garage. the hallway leads to a basement apartment and a flight of stairs that leads upstairs. there's a lady seated at the doorway leading to the apartment. the door is slightly open. she's sitting on a small bench and just got out of the shower. i walk up the stairs w/ Everett to give grandma a ride on a lowboy. grandma decides to drive the big rig. Everett, mookie and i ride on the trailer. we pull up to 82nd and Powell going south. i think there's a man w/ a gurney in the crosswalk that turns out to be a road worker w/ a cart and a couple road signs on it. there's another lowboy that pulls up beside us. there's a passenger on the trailer, but he's strapped down w/ ratchet straps. Everett climbs into the center of the trailer where there's a flat metal space w/ edges up to the from slipping off. mookie and i are toward the front of the trailer on the passenger side. i'm laying on my back, head forward, w/ my head hanging off this edge. it's dark and rainy.”

basement garage

“vinyl 022813 TITLE: brydn 45 IWWMI... manufacture a 45 with new2 stuff how to build a 45 product dit local local press cos an' bug them into pressing it contact fans for up front money problem identification PRESS 45 SELL @BUSKING WHO Who has the problem? record companies, bands, school and educational systems, the church WHAT What does the problem seem to be? gathering right recording and presenditng it to manufacture for production. includes lable creation and sleeve packaging, this all costs something and the producti can be sold contacting an' convidinceing investors a return from 45 sales *What are the resources? internet person to person business center brydn song catalogue WHEN When does the problem occur?”