Bryce Alastair Band / Press

“Because of the sound dynamics, I was able to hear the band on the Meadow Stage playing on several occasions before I walked that way. This was a killer band led by Bryce Alastair on guitar and vocals, along with two female singers. And, of course, they had Brett Bass sitting in on lap steel. Killing it. And then they brought up his Siamese twin, Isaac Corbitt. If you detected any flippancy in my tone, please erase it. These men were superstars this weekend. In need to see the Bryce Alastair Band again!”

“New Music: Bryce Alastair and The Booze ‘N Blues is too Young to be this Blue...“Tommy the Drifter,” sounds like a sped-up version of Johnny Cash—think “Folsom Prison Blues” and “I Walk the Line”—but instead of Johnny’s voice, it is one that is more like Tom Waits.”

“Bryce has written over 200 songs and eight of these can be directly heard on his latest album, “Gimme Some More”. The album opens with “Your World”. Dirty, muddy and swampy. Bryce’s reverberating acoustic six-string and blustered voice throughout the agitated start-stop verses and choruses of this rocker.”