Bryan Ranney / Press

“His music is folky and honest, a common thread in much of the the Saint Louis music scene.”

“His musical pursuits introduced him to different styles of playing, leading the young performer to adopt a unique sound...”

Allison Carter - Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

“Ranney is putting that mandolin directly in music lovers' faces, in all its 'not a ukulele' glory. During the tour ­­ which kicked off with a sold­out show in Chicago and will head to Arkansas and beyond ­­ Ranney wears his mandolin pride on his sleeve.”

“Whether he's playing mandolin or guitar, Bryan Ranney will make your foot tap and your cold heart melt with his pop-folk tunes and always-soothing vocals.”

Suzie Gilb - Eleven Magazine

“Bryan Ranney uses his mandolin to add some necessary high-end jangling... serving as a dulcet-toned anchor”

“[Elemental Shakedown] struck gold, with... St. Louis native Bryan Ranney on mandolin.”

“[Bryan Ranney has] taken on the challenge of passing on the gift and passion of music”