Bryan McCune / Press

“Much of this recording simply beggars description, leaving this writer at a loss for words to either make stylistic comparisons or cite precedents. Whatever it is, I like it.”

“..return to North Carolina, where he hooked up with a coterie of adventurous musicians to create a blend of jazz, folk and rock influences. The result is “Trumpet Rock,” a fascinating collection of mostly McCune originals melding jazz instrumentation, a folk esthetic and an insistent backbeat.”

“Imagine a squiggly synth melody..the howl of a shepherd blowing through a hollow antler...the..cry of an elephant, poised to ramble. Or-surprise-simply the sound of a cornet..McCune’s thang encompasses all that.. whimsical originals to trad-gone-haywire sounds..with McCune, anything is possible.”

Joe Vanderford - Independent Weekly