Bryan Kirschner / Press

““Sorry Mr. Banker" is a great lyrical concept that fits in with today's horrible wall st baloney .. it 's a great social commentary and historical piece .. we need more meaningful songs like this .. the lyrics are like the news, much like late 60s protest music .. the vocal is well executed with a humble down to earth feel .. nice harmonica at the end .. this song would be great for eclectic college stations and alternative stations with guts.”

Crowd Review

“This short and sweet piano ballad [Down to Our Last Dollar] sounds as old as the hills: he sings of a rusty old truck in a voice at least as rusted and trembling. This sounds genuinely impassioned, occasionally suggesting a very real restrained anger with it 's [sic] building arrangement: from piano and wailing harmonica to rusted, clanking drums, guitars and other sounds lurking on the edge. Pure Tom Waits.””

Crowd Review

"With [Down to Our Last Dollar] Seattle based singer/songwriter Bryan Kirschner is following in the footsteps of some of America’s most legendary storytellers. There are hints of Springsteen, Dylan, Guthrie and Cohen that can be heard in his writing and delivery, and his vocal bears a resemblance to Conor Oberst at times. His raw delivery really draws you in and makes the heartbreaking story even more compelling."

Ross Barber - Review You

"...the resulting music, subject and lyrical style in the track are very reminiscent of songs written by Woody Guthrie. For the music of the song, Bryan Kirschner allows the piano, guitar, bass and drum combine to create a track that sounds as much like a modern folk song as it sounds like something that would have been created back during the time of Woody Guthrie. ... [Down to Our Last Dollar] brings back thoughts of the drought from 2012 that created the same sort of hardship on the people of the U.S. as they tried to survive the long ordeal. "