Bryan Beller / Press

“Bryan Beller is the most intuitive and responsive bass player I have ever played with. He has impossible ears and everything he plays sounds like music.”

Steve Vai

“Electric bass virtuoso Bryan Beller is part of a new elite in the world of jazz-rock fusion... Beller and Co. tear through several of the bassist's complex but deeply grooving compositions displaying fire and precision. The interplay between the musicians [on "Wednesday Night Live"] is of the highest order throughout.”

"Beller engaged in some sonic soul-searching for his sophomore effort "Thanks In Advance", and the welcome result is a bona fide entry for bass album of the year."

"Just when you thought Beller couldn't possibly be good at another thing, he releases a solo album so good it makes you wonder why he bothered doing anything else…"View" shows how terrific Beller is as a bassist, but it also establishes his real musical talent as a writer."

“I love Bryan's playing! He's solid, supportive and creative with tone for days. "Thanks in Advance" is full of cool ideas, inspired performances and deep grooves. I definitely recommend it. ”

Michael Manring

""Thanks in Advance" brings us a wealth of amazing tone, wonderful compositions, killer grooves & pure musicality... When it's time to solo, Bryan throws down like a big dog, but when he's playing bass he's every songwriter's dream. Thoughtful, appropriate, soulful and tasty all at the same time."

Damien Erskine - Bass Musician Magazine