Bryan Baker / Press

“One element of Open Circus that appeared to be a hit was Bryan Baker. Keeping rhythm on his tuned-up six string, he played out a beautiful melody expressing “there’s a method to the way I am.” This “method” undoubtedly led him to his zombie bride hit, encouraging the audience to use their best “zombie” voice to accompany him during his lyrical chorus: “If anyone eats my brains, I want it to be you.””

“[He's] The voice of apocalyptic whimsey.”

“That guy is awesome, he makes silly and articulate nerd music about werewolves and zombies and stuff.”

“... if you want to just laugh a bit and enjoy some good tunes strummed and played well by a guy wearing his geekiness on his sleeve, Bryan Baker may have just helped invent a new niche genre: geek-folk.”

"Zombie Love Song (If Anyone Eats My Brains)" is his latest song, a catchy, fun, straightforward romp of a tune that puts a smile on your face, if you have a slightly disturbed sense of humor. It could be on the soundtrack to an animated Tim Burton film.

“The writer of the second best audience participation song about zombies EVER!”

Michael Tabor - Guest Host @ Des Moines Social Club Open Circus

“The whole spectrum of work on the album is good, but Baker is at his best with playful endeavors like “I Want to be a Canadian” and “The Art of Being a Ninja.””