Brute Forcz / Press

“Pure and authentic heavy metal to the bone, brute force, but with great doses of melody and good taste that will leave in cuts as the fast "Live For Speed", sensational "Out For Blood" (personally one of the best pieces of music that touched me hear and delight me with her piece in last time), the contagious "Metal Injection", crisp and classic riff of "Leather N Chains" or "Hange Em High" manowaresco are just a few of many parts that should not end this fucking life without having heard before. True heavy metal as the Kings of Metal so require touch. Totally recommended.”

“I was trying to think of who you guys sound like and to me you sound like a cross between Motorhead and Judas Priest. To me your vocals sound like Lemmy, I say Lemmy because his vocals are really raw and in your face but your music has a little more melody to it.”

“Brute Forcz made my “Best Of” list last year with their debut EP “Kick Ass Heavy Metal”. They returned this past October with a brand new full length “Out For Blood” that’s jam packed full of songs about fucking and fighting, musically falling somewhere between “Shout At The Devil” era Motley Crue meets early Motorhead with Cronos from Venom on vocals. These guys are bad to the bone and highly recommended.”

“I must give credit where credit is due also to California metallers BRUTE FORCZ who never followed fads or trends and produced a straight forward balls-out and aggressive album in Out For Blood.”

“On the surface, BRUTE FORCZ’s music has no socially redeeming values. Songs about kicking ass and getting laid is what the band plays on its debut full-length release, Out For Blood. The band’s brand of metal is set to the soundtrack of iconic ’80s metal bands such as MOTORHEAD, W.A.S.P., ACCEPT, VENOM and JUDAS PRIEST. Produced by”

"Finally! The long-awaited new release from innovative American metallers Brute Forcz is here in all its raging mayhem! Ten ultra slamming tracks that are now in heavy rotation on WVOX's Metal Mayhem show in New York on WVOX.com Worldwide and 1460 AM. Make no mistake, 'Out For Blood', will have you realize that these original and talented guys are here to stay - for some time to come!" Matt O'Shaughnessy

“The music is straight forward heavy metal with a hard rock bent, very much in the mold of Motorhead, Gun Barrell, and the likes. The lyrics are sophomoric, the kind that Gene Simmons and countless hair metal bands made millions with back in the day.”

“While he is not yet a household name, Jammer is doing all he can to get fans of classic speed metal to stand up and be counted. His band, Brute Forcz, is a throwback to the days of W.A.S.P. and Venom. They have yet to release an entire album, but have released four songs on an EP that was produced by music industry vet, guitar hero and brother of ex-Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick, Bob Kulick.”

“There is a fine line between sports and music. Both forms of art run high on adrenaline. There is a new band in California called, Brute Forcz, that proves wrestling and music go hand in hand. Founded by two brothers that are ex professional wrestlers that go by the name Slammer and Jammer, Brute Forcz is definitely a force to be reckoned with.”

“Best Songs Of The Year 10. Brute Forcz "Live For Speed" 9. Saxon "Afterburner" 8. Chickenfoot "Bigfoot" 7. Anthrax "Fight ‘Em Till You Can’t" 6. Megadeth "Public Enemy #1" 5. Steel Panther "Just Like Tiger Woods" & "Tomorrow Night" (tie) 4. Sebastian Bach "Kicking & Screaming" & "Dance On Your Grave" (tie) 3. Ronny Munroe "Lords Of The Edge" 2. The Wheel "Stand Up" 1. Knight Fury "Forbidden"”

“ Best Metal EP/MCD Brute Forcz - Kick Ass Heavy Metal Every now and then in life we are introduced to some metal that is so over the top in it's sincerity and delivery that it makes us say "Wow, this is fucking great!" Such is the case with Brute Forcz, the kick ass heavy metal three-piece made up of professional wrestlers Slammer and Jammer and lead guitarist Will Wallner. The perfect combination of sleazy lyrics, eighties metal riffery and no nonsense approach make this a debut release to remember. If you don't "Dig It" like Macho Man Randy Savage, prepare to get dealt a steel chair spiked piledriver.”