"I truly am sold on your sound, after listening to less than half of your songs! Your sound reminds me of several 1970's and 1980's bands all blended in one, and that is just what I am looking for, for my show. I am REALLY digging "Rainy Day!"

"As soon as I heard the first few bars from the Toronto-based BRUSH WOOD, I knew I was in for a treat. The brilliant driving rhythm of the LIQUID DREAMS track, together with the strong vocals had me hooked. By the time I went on to the next track, CAFE PARADISE, I also knew that here was a band that was also versatile and different."

“One of the best and tight live acts I’ve seen in years. You guys have the sound, the vibe and the songs! An interesting eclectic group of individuals.” -Ralph Cole of the iconic Canadian rock band "Lighthouse”

CD Release party & show. June 21, 2008

“Could be a Three Dog Night, but I prefer the Brush Wood original style. Especially My Mother's Hands.”

OLDTOAD GIL - ReverbNation

"BRUSH WOOD's Music is, for any lost soul, a way to free itself from the consequences of an involuntary's sinning musical achievement. So, I will keep rollin' down a some dusty road... A MUST "listen to" Music. Wars are not made to be won, but, BRUSH WOOD has already won the first battle."

FMULLIERT - Mexico City

“EPIC!....I just took a musical trip with Brush Wood.....I started in the late '60's and finished in 2009, and it only took me 20 minutes....from Bowie to Neil Young..Paul Simon to Rocky Horror with stops in between. Can you say VERSATILITY!! Sit back and enjoy the ride!! VicM ”

Vic M - YouDiscover.ca