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“Music to watch the clouds go by. "Put it in...Turn it on...Crank it up! Luscious, vivacious and ravishing are adjectives often used to define women who possess exceptional beauty. I am here to say they apply to this Album too! Elements of World Beat, Blues-Rock, R & B, Lounge, and Jazz can be heard. Track #1. 'Grazie' kicks off the Collection on a sweetly Lyrical Note with a Latin tinged Lounge Song and wraps the action with the Smooth and Jazzy Track #5. 'Getting Older'. Good Stuff! :D”

“Bruno Susio, blends, Spoken Word-Story Telling AND Cosmopolitan Vocals{actually singing} Male Lead with Back Up(vocals) with Lounge Stage Band Arrangement. Toss in a Generous Mix of Sax, Trumpet, Acoustic Electric Guitar, Bass and Prominent Brush Work from the Percussion Section and Sound Seems to Come Alive! Overall, this Single is Lively and Vibrant with a slightly Retro Feel that Upscale without being Snobbish.”

"Saw Your face" “Great jazz house feel with the singer and the saxaphone! The expression shown by the singers voice is a beautiful contrast with the tone of the song and works beautifuly together! needs to have a bit more clear tone on the singers voice though, in some parts of the song the lyrics are very had to understand. can potentally be a huge jazz hit on the radio or be found in a highly know and acredited jazz house to relax to. i would like to see more from this artist. The last bit of my two cents i will throw in is that the pitch tempo and harmony all work very well together and was orchestrated very well!”

Reverbnation Crowd Review

"Funk the DJ" “I like the funky rhythm, the pace is quick. Vocals work well with the flow of the song. Harmonies are very well placed and in sync with all. Instrumentals were well arranged and do excellent at moving along the emotion an feeling of the song as it is intended. I for sure would listen to this again.”

Reverbnation Crowd Review

"I look at You" “All the instruments playing in the background very well played. Goes well with the tone of the song. The guitar sounds very enjoyable to listen to. Furthermore, the singer in the song very beautiful most likely one of the best i heard in a while. Also, the drum beats just gives the song a extra flavor in the mix. Mixing all these greats elements makes a relaxing tone to listen to in any place. Overall this is a quite good song.”

Reverbnation Crowd Review

“Blue Tie “Very smooth song with a jazzy drum beat. This song is relaxing and has a sassy tone to it. You can imagine the musicians really enjoying themselves as they play this tune. The great thing about this jazzy sound is that there is no need for words. The instruments do the talking, and while listening to this song, one can imagine themselves at a classy club sitting at a table listening to this music. This song would be good for dancing as well.””

Reverbnation Crowd Review

““Heaven by Bruno Susio feat Marie Louise Frifelt is old school jazz undergorund at its best, with the sexy dulcet tones provided by Marie Louise Frifelt. The electric guitar and drum is Italian music at its best, a dynamic of rhythm and blues, creating a sweet atmosphere, and a mood to dance.””

Reverbnation Crowd Review

“Upbeat Old School Guitar Blues+ Plus a Hint of Jazz Segnala questo commento come inappropriato RangerSeriesBlack • 2012-12-28 06:00:55 Every night is Saturday Night when this Album Plays! :D Quite simply Listeners who enjoy a “Intimate” Club Style of Instrumental Blues will have a Ball with the three songs found in this Collection. The Tracks #1 and #2 exude a very Pure but Happy Electric Guitar Anchored Blues Style with a Non-Twangy Lead and Mellowly Warm Electric Bass Accompaniment. Light but Peppy Drum Kit drives the Rhythm at a moderately fast pace and the Feeling is Happy-Happy-Happy. Track #3. 'NYC Kiss', has a distinctly Jazzy Character and the Mood is indeed more Cosmopolitan and Urban. If the First Two Songs are Day then Number 3 is Night but All are equally enjoyable.”

“'Intimate Heaven', is an 11 track, Jazz(y)-Lounge album. In my opinion the Quality that distinguishes this Jazz(y) Album from its Peers on Jamendo is the Prominent Use of Vocals; whether it is a Single Singer or Singer with Backup or Male/Female. The Collection Expresses itself with Equal Emphasis on Vocalizations and Instruments. The Jazz Style is a Mixture of Smooth Jazz with a subtle Bluesy Variety One might hear in a Memphis or New Orleans Supper Club or Lounge. Contributing to this is Observation is the heavy use of Electric Piano/Guitar/Bass and the Sultry, Female, Dop Wop, Vocal heard in Track #3. 'Angie's Gift'. Saxophone is almost a Prerequisite Jazz Instrument due to its Ubiquitous Presence is most Jazz Works and this Album is No Exception. Listen for it along with other Common Lounge Band Instruments. Overall, a Surprising Mix of Jazz(y)-Lounge-Pop styles in a Album that Feels like Tuning in to Afternoon Radio Broadcast from Yesteryear.”

“The Little Prince (My tribute) This issue is concretely inspired by Antoine Saint Exupery`s unforgettable book named "The Little Prince" and is filled in with beautiful harmonies and catchy rhythmic combinations. However, it can be generalized as psychedelic pop with latin pop/brass pop influences and progressive rock glimpses. Some examples. the first track The boy inside me sounds at times very close to Manu Chao-esque delightful (latin pop) somersaults. The sound of an overflying plane refers undoubtedly to Saint Exupery`s main profession (the flyer). On the other side, the refrain of the track the Fox (feat. Mimisoul) is a rip-off of The Cardigans` Lovefool mixed up with soul funk”