““…Like disparate strains of street song heard in a fever dream, or drifting through an open window in Marseille on the morning after an absinthe-soaked night, The Bruknahm Project's distinctive CD sits on the edge of consciousness, half-heard and half-imagined. This stripped down, deconstructed global melange manages to fuse hip-hop, salsa, tango, rai and reggae while still managing to sound as if it all rises like steam out of a single urban milieu, somewhere East of Brooklyn, North of the Magreb, and South of Montparnasse. It's pirate radio music, broadcast from an offshore transmitter in a summer squall, barely heard but sounding like someplace you want to be with a leggy woman and a cold drink in your hand...” ”

Andy Hill - Disney Music Supervisor

““We let ourselves go; rather, we get hooked on it, little by little in a wisely organized krypto-punk mess, we discover a music that is scared of nothing, which suprises before seducing. ……we finally admit that it’s beautiful, full of vitality, supreme pleasure, intelligently discovering itself. We ask for more.””

““…You'll be forced -- albeit happily -- to expand not only your personal tastes, but more importantly, your definition of world music…””

“Every now and then, an album comes along that really points the way. The Bruknahm Project, Volume One: Urban Worldbeat is one of those albums. Brainchild of composer/producers Saundi Wilson and Sebastian “SibaGiba” Bardin, with Bruknahm progenitor Guka Evans, the album is as much philosophy as a collection of musical numbers, deftly proving how far forward music today can go—now that we are exposed daily to rap, reggae, raga, tango, gaelic folk, and moody ‘60s French film scorage; and, more importantly, now that our taste for and understanding of various kinds of so-called world music has evolved beyond the speciously “exotic.””

Lucia Toledo - Platform.net

“i’ve been itching to fly lately... dreaming of traveling to distant lands and escaping the big rat race. exchanging it all for a little exploration, some intrigue and a welcome nod to the unexpected. translation: i have not had a holiday in a long time. so in what would ordinarily be a mundane sunday morning routine of making breakfast and autopiloting into cleanup mode, i’ve decided to post something to launch my spirit out of this world. the bruknahm project is sebastian bardi and saundi wilson, from paris, rio de janiero, and los angeles. they live in nyc and produce an eclectic mix of jazz, trip hop, middle eastern vibes, dub, electro, french chantilly lace, hip hop, breakbeat and everything that sounds good with all that. and wherever that is, i’m there. bruknahm project - siba dub plate, my great escape ”

““Neither jazz nor rap, the ensemble moreover integrates these genres in a profuse hybridization, going from a filmic landscape (La Nuit) to a percussive montage (Elitist Bullshit). Majorly inspired by the counter-culture and suffering in the long run from it’s eclecticism, the album is ideal for the hot stick nights of July. Listen to it without a parachute.””

M.L. - Voir (Quebec-Canada)

““…Initially, I had to check this was not a compilation sampler, so diverse is the music here. But no, it is just that good old NYC eclecticism that we know and have come to accept/expect (knowing nods to Don Byron, Uri Caine...)””

John Sayles - Motion (UK)

“An impossible to categorize group based in New York, Bruknahm’s strange soundscapes bring together hyperobscure samples, intelligent rhymes, and wide-ranging percussion.”

unknown - Real.com (Spain)