Bruiser Queen / Press

“On Swears, Bruiser Queen's debut full-length album, Nusbaum applies her trademark wail to her best-crafted batch of songs to date: They are brooding and intricate like her solo material, yet with enough amped-up dramatic hooks to recall Sleater-Kinney or the Muffs at their respective primes. Live, Nusbaum and Potter conjure a full, dense sound that's as powerful as it is memorable.”

“Nusbaum's voice is dexterous, deftly coasting from cat-in-heat howls to the more subtle nuances heard throughout her solo work. Wild, and on key, Nusbaum was a hell of a show all by herself, and is probably the coolest chick in St. Louis.”

“Morgan and Jason are both vets of bands that wowed the hearts and ears of St. Louis (including The 75s and Left Arm), and with Bruiser Queen the duo play to their strengths and rock with power without losing sight of hooks and melody!”

Vintage Vinyl

“Swears finds her and Potter doing what they do best — tossing off simple, crunchy chords and catty bons mots like doubloons at a parade...Not many singers can toss in a little Yma Sumac-like exotica in the middle of a two-chord assault”