Bruce Gilbert / Press

“A very nice article about Bob Bakert's 60th birthday party that he so graciously dedicated to raising money on my behalf for Michael J. Fox Foundation”

“CD REVIEW: TRY TO HOLD ON by BRUCE GILBERT Here is a very nice review of my first CD from 2007.”

“A VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH BRUCE GILBERT AND GARY MCCOY This is a 3 part series on songwriting that I hope you'll find interesting. Look for parts 2 and 3 on youbtube. The interview was conducted, planned and fully orchestrated by Louis Robinson...a good friend who spent his career with the BBC”

“BRUCE GILBERT HISTORY This web magazine is hosted in the Netherlands and is a very nice in depth interview about my early days in music.”

“HOOFER DOOFER....a wonderful site for singer/songwriters. I was lucky to be asked to participate. Hope you enjoy the music and the interview”