Tyson Amir / Press

“There are a few things you should know about Tyson onBEATS, right off the bat. For one thing, it’s not one person but a duo made up of rapper Tyson Amir and beatsmith Ridwan Bass (better known as onBEATS). For another, they hail from San Jose, California. Most importantly, though, they’re really f**king fly.”

“Cali duo Tyson onBEATS let rip on their latest cool-out jawn “We So Fly” off 2013′s Purpose LP. The tandem is comprised of malleable MC Tyson Amir and the production wizardry of Ridwan Bass (AKA onBEATS.) These forward-minded backpack revivalists bring forth a refreshing take on the boom-bap steez, stunting some murky bossa-styled rhodes chords at its foundation, cascading flute licks and a tight, cracking snare-kick combo to keep that cave-deep pocket alive and well. And let’s not forget Mikial tying the whole damn thing together on the hook with that half rap, half croon vocal treatment.”

“Between onBEATS’ mellow beats, Mikial‘s smooth hook, and Tyson’s quick, confident flow, this song radiates the soulful vibes that Tyson onBEATS is known for. The video, directed by Shihan Chowdhury, contains the same positive message and peaceful essence as the track itself.”

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