Brothers Of Alien Rock / Press

“The Aliens have landed and they fuckin' rock.”

WHEN EVIL CALLS - Reverb Nation

“Ladies and gentlemen, you should be so lucky to have these aliens probe you.”

“I absolutely loooove this track! Fern (of Brothers of Alien Rock) is one of the most original voices you will ever hear in rock and an extraordinary songwriter. Please go give his band some love, they absolutely deserve it. I hope to work on his next production as I am a huge fan of his band and have no doubt we'd bust out hits! Truly talented man, needs your attention.”

Cristian Machado (Singer/Writer/Producer-ILL Nino)

“Listened to 'Dead Wrong' What an awesome sound you all have! Awesome vocals, incredible song, musicianship, and mix! You all got it going on, I'm gonna have to recommend and share you!!”

Michelle Kasajian (Reverb Artist)

“The higher points of the cd definitely happen when the gas pedal is on the floor and everything rolls at high speed, ...quality songs...Put it in and play it loud. Recommended.”

Mark Kilmer - Beneath The Grid Music

“Keep coming back to listen to this truly awesome shit!”

In Ear Mosquito (Reverb Artist)

“GREAT SOUND !! Great songs !!”

Stihia (Reverb Artist)

“Absolutely smokin' tunes!”

Rob Ash (Reverb Nation)