Brothers Moving / Press

“It’s my opinion that The Brothers Moving are a special act. I think they’re outstanding. They have a sound difficult to describe and a fantastic live performance.”

Matt Pinfield - MTV

“The Brothers Moving is a gifted performance band with a sound different from others I have heard. This band is indisputably one of the tightest live acts I’ve come across in recent memory. They are ahead of the game because of an undeniable ability to move an audience of varied genres.”

David Khane - Avatar Studios

“The Brothers Moving is such an act. They are one of the tightest bands I’ve seen in a long while. They have a unique sound not derivative of another I know of. A signature sound is rare in this business. The Brothers Moving have a unique ability to make songs sung completely in Danish, translate to an audience as if they were American pop songs.”

Jody Klein - ABKCO Music

“The experience was immersive and interactive. I found myself making eye contact and smiling at the kazoo player as he strut a small circle in front of the crowd. My interest here was left to my own choosing and I found it very satisfying.”

“That’s yet another element of their appeal: not only are these jumpy tan tourists engaging, but their sound is definitely something new.”