Brothers McCann / Press

"Brothers McCann is a five-piece band with stellar songwriting abilities, lots of soulful groove and enough musical complexity to please the discerning listener" "They had a great turnout at Johnny D’s. During the latter half of the second set, they had the audience so worked up people were singing and dancing in time with the songs. But it wasn’t just the audience having a good time – these folks knew the songs" "It’s not hard to see why they have a loyal following. The energy they put into each performance is infectious"

"The New England quinquennial developed a unique sound with two guitars, bass, keyboards, and a drum set successfully defying the typical industry pigeonholing. They write good music, filled with sounds and colors that translate into pure happiness" "Brothers McCann drew one of the largest crowds I saw at the intimate [River Worm] stage. The sound of this band goes a long way to display the variety of musical acts at the festival, as they offered a roots rock, pop sound" "Brothers McCann was surely one of the weekend’s most pleasant surprises, a band that many who were there will look forward to hearing more from"

"Diggin into the Beantown quintet’s debut full-length, Different Colors, reveals a collection of mature, sonically rich tunes" " 'Shambles' is a standout and an example of the group’s true potential. Following a soothing string intro, Pat McCann channels his inner Jamiroquai over a humming, retro funk-pop groove. The tune is richly layered, featuring a variety of surprising, dynamic twists and turns. The song undoubtedly will keep listeners on their toes. And, hell, it might even put a spring in their step and a smile on their faces"