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“I'd bet a dollar that this band originally cut their teeth playing metal. BROTHERING, however, is not just a metal band. Sure they are hard but they also have a keen sense of melody and some original ideas. The clean vocals support a music base that contains everything from guitar rock to pop to punk. At first the mixture seems a bit incongruous but after a few listens I sense some real genius here. There is a lot of development needed, especially in crafting songs that fully incorporate and take advantage of the uniqueness of the delivery, but all in all this is an impressive demo from a band that I know is working their butts of to get their name out. Jeb Brannin ”

Jeb Branin - Cras Menagerie

“Brothering - Hosted Artist Prog Rock, Hard Rock, Guitar Rock Extended melodic riffing (as well as equally extended soloing) meets unforgiving rhythm. Marred by a recording that cuts out the punchy bottom. also try: Metallica, Styx, Queen.”

BROTHERING - Demo Review from Audiogalaxy.com

“South Africa's Brothering play straight-up Hard Rock with punching basslines, tight riffs, focused percussion, and tough, yet clear vocals. reviewed by - Marc K.”

BROTHERING - Demo Review from Listen.com

“BROTHERING - Demo Review from Tombstone Fanzine. November 1998. Brothering are a strange band of three people and I think they are coming from South Africa. Their demo tape is at least very interesting since they have the ability to create good music. Their sound is a mixture of Rock and Thrash with some Classic Metal elements. It sounds strange but it is true. Their songs are mostly melodic, but they have their more heavy parts. The production of the demo is not that good and that is a disadvantage for them. But through this bad production are rising 4 good songs and a... bad one. I wish I could hear more from them since they are really interesting. Unfortunately I can't give more information about them since on the mail was only the tape and nothing more.”

Tombstone Fanzine