Brotherhood of Thieves / Press

“Musically (Brotherhood Of Thieves), play an honest, straight forward style of indie rock..."Little Left To Lend" makes for a really solid listen and will definitely appeal to fans of mellow, well-executed indie rock.”

“Brotherhood of Thieves play a warm, engaging, and difficult to pigeonhole style of indie rock.”

“3.6 out of 5 stars!”

“Brotherhood of Thieves — a five-piece indie rock outfit from Hartford, Connecticut. You may already be aware of them if you keep an ear out for local bands of note. I’d never heard of them because most of the music I listen to gets recorded in somebody’s living room, but these guys are the real deal. “Compromise Unlikely” is a sunny indie-pop number that bounces along on whatever musical adrenaline remains from the 90s with solos to boot! I can already imagine what this song would look like on Guitar Hero. From there they oscillate back and forth between indie-pop and indie-folk...certainly a band worth checking out.”

“(On Love and Self Loathing) The songs alternate between rhythmic, poppy rock songs, such as the lead cut "Compromise Unlikely," which features jangly guitars and riveting percussion, and more melodic ballads such as the radio-friendly "All Your Little Lies."”

Bill Clifford - The Hartford Advocate

"I discovered on Bandcamp, like a lazy Christopher Columbus, some great American rock music from a band called – Brotherhood of Thieves. On Love and Self Loathing is a wonderful album and a great addition to my iTunes playlist. As soon as I pressed play, I fell in love and have never looked back. I’ve took it to the park, city streets and played it in the car and every-time I feel a wonderful sense of emotion run through my blood; this music is inspirational , motivating and has got to be my favourite purchases of January, 2013."

"Brotherhood of Thieves updates the 90s indie-rock tradition with a captivating nuanced sound. Key to its appeal is the band's ability to blur genre lines without losing its substance and edge."

"The six-song EP (Have at...) would please jazz-rock, groove-rock, and jam fans alike." "The band makes the most of its Jazz Studies/Performance training."

Donnie Moorhouse - The Republican