Brother Bagman / Press

“When Brother Bagman entered the 2010 International Blues Competition in Kansas City, Cliff Moore (bass), Landon Leist (lead guitar/vocals) and Cole Harvey (drums/vocals) mostly saw it as a good chance to reach a new audience. But the Kansas City jam band did more than just win over a bunch of new fans: They nearly won the thing, bringing home second place. While the roots groove rockers recently put out a solid studio effort in “Rise Above,” Moore says Brother Bagman is a band best experienced live. He likens the emotional, dynamic experience the band tries to build at each show to a thrilling roller coaster ride, with peaks and valleys of sound and energy. “If you can’t dance to something or you can’t feel it, then there’s not much use in playing the music,” Moore says.”

“Rise Above starts with the track “Ticket for a Ride,” a bluesy, funky rocker with a soulful break-down chorus. This really sets the mood for the album, since it shows flashes of all of the most characteristic Brother Bagman styles; be it funk, rock, or blues, Brother Bagman is always about the jam vibe. The title track, “Rise Above,” comes next, slowing down the beat and heaving the organ sound into the mix. The B3 style organ sound is a perfect metaphor for the band as a whole, in fact, with its edgy voice and smooth transitions. “My Time,” continues their late sixties, early seventies vibe. Where some bands require the flash of stark transitions in order to make an impact, Brother Bahttp://www.reverbnation.com/brotherbagman#gman's strength is in its smoothness. They lay down the mellowness that should underlie any good time, creating a summertime-at-the-lake atmosphere that never stops. The words smooth, rock, and groove cannot be said enough times in describing them.”