Broomdust Caravan / Press

"Local country act Broomdust Caravan continues its country onslaught on our city. This band is like if Godzilla became a band."

Alex DeVore - Santa Fe Reporter

“Best New Band 2011 -- "An über all-star collection of musicianship and coolest vibe people around." "They rock me soxx."”

“. . . a who’s who of established local talent for a superband with the likes of guitarist Justin Lindsey, vocalists Margaret Burke and Felecia Ford . . . . Recorded at Frogville Records’ studio with engineer Bill Palmer, the album makes serious inroads into local exploration. . . . The album begins with the perfect opener, “Heavy Rescue.” It’s a Johnny Cash meets swingin’ country fiddle number about thundering Southwest skies and demonic strife. The song shows off Widell’s songwriting chops, while it gives his freakishly talented band room for shredding fiddle solos and bluegrassy guitar picking . . .”

"The Broomdust Caravan, Thursday nights at Tiny’s…don’t miss out." -- follow the link to read Gabe Gomez's article "Tiny's and the Broomdust Caravan"!

“Y'all were BEAUTIFUL tonight! What a sweet, sweet scene! Thanks for bringing it!!!”

Margaret Burke - --

"Nice, very nice."

Jono Manson - --