The Mumbles / Press

“The Mumbles play tunes in the key of partying down”

"experimental notes a la Tom Waits and a Jamiroquai-esque poppy-ness reminiscent of '90s hits "Virtual Insanity" and "Cosmic Girl. "

“{Annunciation St is} an album full of cunning lyrics and musicianship.The Mumbles show an astounding versatility in their approach to song and pack enough power to convince sane individuals that new music is still worth hearing.”

“The Mumbles produce more sound and energy than bands twice their size.”

“The Mumbles embrace distinction. Theirs is a steaming stew of funk, soul,and jazz. Like a bride to be, they incorporate old and new, things borrowed and blue, all while achieving a totally unique sound.”

"A knack for writing songs that are instantly familiar while being very much their own creations. It's this little knack that makes songwriters into superstars"

Wildy's World Blog

“... a lovely racket. blue eyed soul music that's a little angular, a little cosmic, and a lot awesome." ”

" ...richly textured art songs that are funky and beautiful"

“ "Through layers of vintage keyboards and a genre defying approach to songwriting, the Mumbles have created a new sound... sometimes gentle, sometimes brutally energetic, always hypnotic."”

Steve Wildsmith - The Daily Times

“Lounge music for the superhip; atmospheric, jazzy and pop-friendly. ”

"Such a rich, full sound for three people... uniquely vintage, jazzy folk. They sing harmonies, play vintage keys and look like they stepped out of 1971"

“Mile wide hooks {and} songwriting strong enough to hold all its influences.”

“Combining the bedroom intimacy of a singer-songwriter with the expansive musical prowess of a psych-jazz outfit, The Mumbles are quickly rising through the ranks"”

“...their immediate command of the stage and obvious instrumental prowess demonstrates a high level of comfort and professionalism."”