GuiLLoTinE TeAm / Press

“my man Rob ( pablo wit the bottle) its BANDZ from shaolin nice brother you stepping up and way off the ladder i peeped these bangaz and said voice sound to dam familar so i checked the pics i said thats sgt LEAK at bombz man i havent seen you since BOBBY'S SHOW kinectic was flabba gased with your work we talking to BOBBY for you so watch out for th W signal in the sky we gonna be calling you and this time not to wet up our new ports Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”

Rubbabandz GP-Wu - Rubbabandz manz from shoalin landz

“started following these guys on twitter hip hop at its purest form nice movement fella's theres always a mic here for you waiting @BEATJUNKIES CA ALL DAY”


SGT THOMAS .R LEAK - 1 Outta every 6 never tested

“eh we love your style whats your ethnicity? would you be interested in doing shows in alabama”