Brooke Falls / Press

“Brooke Falls: Philadelphia’s Teen Songstress Boasting amazing vocal abilities and gifted with an incredible sound ranging in the areas of pop, jazz, classical, broadway, opera and indie, Brooke Falls is the next teen singing sensation who has recently made a big splash on Instagram and YouTube.”

“You definitely are Broadway and Vegas material…Very professional sound..you deserve a standing ovation. Your more than good..YOUR AMAZING”

Taylor Morrison Music - SoundCloud

“Wow! After hearing Dry Your Eyes, I'm convinced that the Blue-Eyed Soul that Darryl Hall and John Oates ushered way back in the 1980s has returned. In my opinion, the powerful and jazzy, yet angelic, voice of Brooke Falls hits each ball out of the park even with her cover songs and she is worthy of being in a league of her own. Her talent is undisputable and with a name like Brooke Falls booking reps and future record execs can never go wrong. I wish her nothing but the greatest success!”

Mist-r Alphard - ReverbNation

“Coatilove Music Presents " Brooke Falls " From the original founder of the hit group Brenda and the Tabulations Maurice Coates comes the Re-Release of the Top Music Billboard song "Dry Your Eyes" From the Project "The Diary of Brooke Falls" Genre: Urban/R&B: Soul Release Date: 2013”

Maurice E. Coates - Coatilove Music

“Brooke, seeing the endorsements left by Didier, Bobby, RB, Matt, Al, Tommy and others leaves me with an impression that's nothing short of amazing. Hearing you sing validates the accolades given by my fellow supporters and encourages. You certainly do have a beautiful voice that's very refined and filled with pleasant flavors of tonal quality. Great Job!”

Perry Malinos - YouTube

“I'm finally taking time to comment on your video. I wanted to tell you that l'm sent videos of girl singers almost everyday by friends who ask my opinion about them. From all those received in 2012, I'll "keep" only two : Mackenzie Dayle and you. Your smoothness of tone and homogeneity of sound throughout your gorgeously blended and balanced registers are a delight on the ear. Whoever trained you, he/she did a great job and I can't but encourage you to keep up in this excellence.”

Didier|PonselleLover - YouTube