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A native New Yorker, was raised against the grim backdrop and streets of QueensBridge Projects. Running game and hustling to survive, Bronshay was finding it harder and harder to step into a legit lifestyle. Losing his parents, and then the brother he idolized to the pitfalls of the streets, Bronshay only had his grandparents, music and rhymes to hold onto. Although his grandparents tried to keep a tight leash and protect him from the harshness that surrounded him, Bronshay still found himself in the hustle, and the game.

Being from the largest housing development in the world Bronshay has had the privilege of seeing rappers such as Mobb Deep, Nas, Juice Crew, Capone, Screwball, and a host of others. Seeing the positive reaction the neighborhood artist got from the local fans is what made Bronshay want to take up music as his career.

After recovering from a gunshot wound delivered at point blank range, Bronshay realized that his options were few and limited, but still was living a dangerous life. In late 2008 Bronshay was shot once again but 5 times. Thankfully he was saved by the bullet proof vest he was wearing at the time.

Never giving up on his dream to take his rap outside of the hood and reach for a broader audience, Bronshay joined Nukingdom Records from the his hometown Queensbridge with expectations of completing his Passion for music in the years to come. On his debute album "Diary Of A Shooter" currently in the process of being recorded Bronshay speaks on all areas of his life from the begining to the present years. Until then look forward to hearing his mix tape that will be out in mid July called "9 Rugers & Body Armor".

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