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"Great songs! Takin socio-political issues to another level! I REALLY think you have what it takes to make it in this business!"

www.smashthemic.com - CD Baby

“About his album "ChristClassicJazz",..."With music becoming more and more generic in this day and age, it is refreshing to come across an album that truly lives up to its name. Bron G's ChristClassicJazz is such an album! True "heads" will appreciate the melodic jazz grooves that set the backdrop for this mixtape-style experience. Add prevalent, yet non-dominating rhythms and you start to experience the classic nature of these compisitions. Finally, and most importantly, clever lyricism rooted in Christ and the formula is complete! As an artist myself, I am reluctant to give 5 stars to any album - mine or anyone elses because there is always room for improvement. Bron G's "ChristClassicJazz", however, would be a likely candidate for that fifth star. Cop it if you don't already have it!"”

Idiomz da Prophesayer - CD Baby

“About his album "Memoirs"..."Off the hook!! U better get it!! Bron G is definitely doing his thing bringing a message wit tracks that get your head rocking!!"”

G Mill...a fan - CD Baby

"He's keeping pace with the world," Martin said. "I like the message."

Kim Underwood - The Winston-Salem Journal

"This guy's rap is positive rap," Piggott said. "It has a message to enlighten the kids…. His songs tell you to be somebody."

Kim Underwood - The Winston-Salem Journal

"He always had that drive to want to give back," Piggott said. "I think Bronal's gift is his compassion to try to help others."

Kim Underwood - The Winston-Salem Journal

“....including the story about Bronal Gary, a hip-hop emcee with a positive message whose most recent CD has a place of honor, right at eye level, in the case. ”

Laura Graff - The Winston-Salem Journal

“DJ J. Lone said about the signature mix CDs he created..."It’s a toss between the Christ, Classic, Jazz mix CD and my first old school hip-hop mix I did for Marley Marl’s online radio show back in 2005."”

Ryan Snyder - Yes Weekly

“DJ J. Lone when asked about his favorite albums, "At the moment, Bron G — Christ, Classic, Jazz..."”

Ryan Snyder - Yes Weekly