“My second night of South by Southwest showcases yielded yet another handful of great performances--- The night started with a group called BRONCHO from Tulsa that played raw, aggressive, and wonderfully effective old-school punk. I had come to the Oklahoma Showcase at yet another cheesy Sixth Street bar called Friends to see the next act, but this faster-louder no-B.S. quartet was a pleasant surprise, with the sort of take-no-prisoners delivery that this critic wishes the much more-hyped Smith Westerns unleashed.”

“SXSW 2011: If there were a parking space between The Ramones an Weezer, BRONCHO would fit. The tunes were hard-charging, but they weren't spastic;BRONCHO's catchy, short, workman-like punk songs call up the ideas of the Ramones in more than just vocal stylings. It wasn't just the audience singing along, either. The Boom Bang played snatches of several BRONCHO tunes during their soundcheck, while the same band announced in the middle of its show, "The rest of the set, we're only going to play BRONCHO songs." Thats the type of fanship BRONCHO inspires.”

“People climbed on the nearby trailer to overlook the massive, moshing crowd, audience members climbed onstage to share Lindsey's microphone and dive into the crowd; all the while BRONCHO snarled through a set of their signature busted-fuse punk thrashing. It was the wildest, happiest thing I've ever seen at a Norman show. And I'll die happy if it's the last one I ever see”

“There are several reasons why you should go see the Tulsa/Norman joint venture, BRONCHO. The first of which is Ryan Lindsey. Remember him? He’s the adorable guy from Starlight Mints whose solo music makes your girlfriend all light-headed. Well now he’s playing in an in-your-face rock band, and… well, it makes him all the more adorable. And as a bonus, the music doesn’t suck. BRONCHO also boasts members of Native Lights and Unwed Sailor, and their up-tempo pop approach to garage rock makes for a satisfying listen that will keep you and your girlfriend interested. ”

“What You Listening to Punk? Ryan Lindsey shifts gears to a different tune and surprises with new band, BRONCHO BY G.K. HIZER – Reprinted from Urban Tulsa Weekly, February 3, 2010 See web link below...”