Broken Trojan / Press

“The headliners, Broken Trojan, finished up the set that night. They had a 55-year old symbol on their drum-set that Cameron said, "[We're] kind of obsessed with it, my dad bought it when he was 18" They rocked the hardest that night, and the audience almost refused to let them stop. They played one of the best Jonny Cash "Train" remakes i have ever heard. It was a very good set. By Brandon Coldiron”

“BROKEN TROJAN was unleashed onto the main stage and took no prisoners. Consisting of Bryon on Vocals/Guitar, Carl on Bass Guitar and Cameron on Drums. BT is a 3 piece band out of Turlock/Modesto and plays a mix of styles from Rock, Punk, & Alternative. I can say that BT is a highly polished band with so much versatility and energy. I really liked their song "Stupid People". Although the power to the PA kept cutting out on their set. These lads kept playing. Such as a great Trojan should. Why more people don't get out to see these amazing musicians is beyond me. Lets change that. ~Al”

"Some may be offended with their name, but they did it for attention and they caught mine."