Broken Romeo / Press

"The latest song, “Let Me Go” is fantastic"

“The band recorded and released the first five songs off of the EP one epic rock anthem at a time, one after another... and the EP isn't even finished yet! I can say with certainty that the completed product is already on my list for 2015!!!”

"Tucson, Arizona alt-rockers Broken Romeo did things their own way in 2014 by piecing together what turned out to be an epic follow-up to the smash hit album Desperation Daze."

"They always say rock is dying, but when you hear a song like this "Lost & Found" , from a band as epic as this, it's clear that rock is going nowhere!"

"Bear witness to the rock n roll supremacy of one Broken Romeo" "Broken Romeo has succeeded in taking the "modern" tag out of the rock genre and just flat out rock their collective asses off like no one's business. Period." "I can't say enough times how much I absolutely love this band. Every new song they give us just proves what I've know all along, and what it's time for the rest of the world to find out. Broken Romeo is the real deal. End of story."

"an outstanding job on the new song (W.A.U.L.F.)... Very edgy and love the faster tempo"

"(WAULF) it has all the hallmarks of Broken Romeo’s melodic and haunting rock music!"

“W.A.U.L.F.? "I more than dig it! I absolutely love it."”

"An interesting hook at the start of the song! (W.A.U.L.F.) On a scale of ten the song is… pretty good… maybe a 9+. No doubt about it the song is very strong from beginning to end. It’s time to take that “Alternative” off your band description. This is song is very main stream in any year from the 60’s to now."

“This is the dirty sexy rock you want to go to a club and rock out to amongst all of the disgustingly sweaty people around you. To sound so great on record, it would be all kinds of greatness live"”

“Listening to the music Broken Romeo has to offer was a great way to kick of the reviews of 2013! They have some great tunes and lots of fantastic features within their music; I highly recommend you check them out.”

“The final track I listened to ‘Raging Sea’, and I liked how the guitar sounded very different to the previous songs, sounding more like older pop songs. It began with a very nice guitar motif, which was quite soft and easy to listen to. I also liked how this motif somewhat continued as a counter melody over the vocals in the verse. Another great feature was the harmonies in the chorus and also the middle section which was again very regimented and tight with all the band members.”

“This is a well produced album, the band is on fire here, the music is excellent, It is really just a good honest rock album, no BS, just bloody good songs that have something to say and you can feel it in every note and every lyric. This album is very much worth your time, I was hooked the moment I heard it.”

“Songs like Mark of Cain, 1 In a Million, A Shame, Revelation, Is This Freedom shows off the band heavy rocking side which they can do with ease and the songwriting, musicianship, vocal are all first classic.”

“You've got songs like Believe, Hallelujah(Not a cover but an amazing well written song that sung amazingly fits the album perfectly), Raging Sea, which are like these brilliant balladry type anthems that show off the bands songwriting and musicianship, as well as the lyrics and vocal which truly shines.”

“Broken Romeo is a America rock band who is the real deal, just a band doing it their way and their new album is a testament to that.”

"a sound that will grab you and never let go, sinking their talons into the deep subconscious areas of grey matter between your ears. Simply put, if you like to rock this is your band!"

"Simply put, if you're a fan of KFMA's brand of "new rock," you'll find much to like here."

“Every once in a blue moon you hear a band that knocks yer socks off, totally kicks some arse then leaves you salivating wanting for more. Broken Romeo hit me straight between the eyes with feelings like that, and on every track!”

"Great Rock Sounds...It Belongs At The Top of The Charts! "

"Mark of Cain" is a real standout, utilizing soft-loud dynamics (or at least having the bass and one of the guitars drop out at moments of maximum impact); plus, it boasts one of the catchiest choruses"

"This is an excellent song(1 In A Million)! I loved every second of it. Great classic rock sound, nice leads by the guitarist. Lead vocalist has a great rock voice, perfect for the music. This is the kind of band that could be huge with the right marketing and backing." You guys have what it takes!

"Singer-guitarist James Turpin's voice has Chris Cornell-style qualities and phrasing"

"Listening to this album for the first time, I pretty much lost all previous thoughts of what I thought this album was going to be, compared to what I've listened to before with other rock bands. The album brings in all the right melodies and tones. The lyrics actually "mean" something, and don't really respond to the trend of "partying like a rockstar". Listening to this album more, several rock genres make a debut, striving from some southern-style rock to light grunge rock. I can say that this album is a definite must buy if you love the rock genre. To my surprise, I would figure these guys would be way bigger by now."

“‘Total Stranger’ was the penultimate track and I loved the very tight and rhythmic introduction. I also found it interesting as it started with a guitar melody, but it worked really well. Once again, the band was really tight when backing the vocalist throughout the verse. I also liked how the drum beat changed in the chorus and the song seemed slower, and alongside introduction of backing vocals, this was a great use of variation throughout the song. Also, the guitar solo was fantastic; it was very melodic in contrast to the very rhythmic and regimented backing of the band.”

"I've stumbled upon a rock album that I can finally say I thoroughly enjoy for once. I bring you the album "Desperation Daze" by Broken Romeo"

“I then listened to ‘Hallelujah’, and I loved the very soft and acoustic opening compared to the previous songs, the acoustic feel created even with an electric guitar. I also liked the use of synth, especially as it panned around my ears when listening to it. A good feature was how the second guitar echoed around at certain points in the song and also how the guitars were used as a response to the vocals, repeating the vocal melody. A sense of variation and forward progression was also evident in the second verse, as it became more rhythmic with more instruments. The Guitar solo was very soothing to listen to, as it used simple melodies and little movement yet is sounded fantastic. The best feature however was the final chorus, as it contrasted both the little and bigger instrumentation established previously, creating a great parallel.”

"Definitely one of the best rock albums I've had a chance to listen to recently. Catchy melodies and vocals really get you into the album and don't let you go until its over!"

“One in a Million’ followed and I really liked how another different effect was used on the guitar, the time more of a wah-wah sound. The band sounded really tight together during the verse when everyone was playing the same rhythm; this was brilliant in reflecting the team work of the musicians. I particularly liked how the backing vocals were used instead to provide a counter melody rather than harmonies. This was a great use of variation between songs. The best two features of the song was yet another fantastic guitar solo and also the extremely tight and rhythmic ending; these were amazing to listen to.”

“...nothing short of a master piece. ”

“This band is a great example of what happens when really talented passionate musicians get together and create something that means something to them. I can see Broken Romeo in a few different genres of music from blues to indie. I expect to see this band name popping up all over in the place, and cannot wait to see what these guys do in the future. Listen to this album, and then listen to it again. Each time you will find something different that you like about it I assure you.”

“They completely drew me into their music with their musical abilities, and then sold me completely after hearing the vocals. Lead singer James Turpin leaves nothing to be desired throughout in the verse and chorus. He very much reminds me of Scott Weiland of STP. Not only does James have a knack at writing unique and catchy melodies, but his lyrics are honest and deep. ”

“Mark of Cain’ was the first track I listened to and I immediately loved the great solo-like opening; it was something brilliant in establishing the rock feel, which was further emphasised through the introduction of Bass and drums later. I really liked how the verse somewhat used a call and response with the guitar; the plays with chords, then plays a melody alongside the vocals as the bass drops out. This was really innovative and sounded brilliant alongside the vocal line. I also quite liked how the harmonies in the chorus were in octaves, as this was something different but worked well. With the middle 8 section, I thought it was fantastic when the guitar chordal structure paralleled the vocal melody, and the Guitar solo also sounded brilliant, especially with effects.”