Broken Horn / Press

“Whiskey Feeling is what I have with every new Cowgirl I meet. Keep on Country rock'n it!”

Randle Rides Again

“You have some very good songs on here.”

Danny Baker - Reverbnation Artist

“Whiskey Bents Southern Country sound is a slab of beef slapped on the ass and drug through the coals just enough to tear off a piece before over done and shoot a round of some Whiskey and hell raising. Way to go can't wait for more!”

The Saddle Up Ride Club

“Aw yeah, "Wagon Wheel" & Folsom Prison Blues" are outstanding, the southern fry'd structure and vibe sound awesome! ”

Rocko-Pete & JV-John

“Awesome work! Folsom prison blues is a favorite of mine and you sound great! Greetings from THE TIME BOMB KA-BOOOOOOOM! ”

The Time Bomb

“very entertaining & exciting productions... great country musics & great voice...”


“Hey great vocals! Follow your dreams!”

Rich Ziga

“What a great name for a band”

Jerry Dowelll Band-Reverb artist

“Folsom Prison Blues makes me wanna jump up and start dancing. Thanks for the good time!”

Cowboy Pyle