Broken Glow / Press

“This is the kind of music the world needs. This is the kind of music that makes every ten year old kid want to pick up a guitar and start a rock band.”

“Whether you are watching them rock out a four hour house set at Tybee’s own Rock House or even catching them warm up a 30 minute set at the renowned Wormhole this is a band you don’t want to miss out on.”

“Broken Glow’s appeal comes from several sources. One is, their sound is very unpretentious. This is straight-up rock music, without any posturing. But what seems unassuming at first, hits you like a ton of bricks later.”

“This band brings us back to a place of internal organs and a suffering amazement. It does this effectively and successfully, and burgeoning rockers and man-sluts take heed or model acne cream.”

“It’s a tale of trial and tribulation, of overcoming hardships and sticking together for Garrett Deming and Paul Burba of Broken Glow, who return to the Wormhole on Jan. 7 for their live album release party... Though, really, they never left at all.”

“Do these guys look like computer hackers to you? They look like rockstars to me. And they sound like it too.”

“In an inde-scene where experimentation is lauded, and very much appreciated and enjoyed - don't get me wrong - it's still good to know that when I want to head bang, real rock & roll is not dead.”

“Broken Glow is what would happen if Led Zeppelin had a love child with Slash's solo projects”

“I have to admire and respect a band that puts their heart and soul into what they believe in..”

“FBI Raids Broken Glow's apartment!”

"For the members of Broken Glow, Hartford’s music scene isn’t just about writing innovative songs; it’s about building a whole culture"