Broken Flesh / Press

“Check these guys out! Some of the heaviest and nicest guys we have played with.”

"Everyone needs to see Broken Flesh!!"

"Forever in Flames" by Broken Flesh is an album that, when described as being for fans of Suffocation or Cannibal Corpse, it`s actually not a load of total crap to get you to buy something out of touch with pioneering bands of death metal. That, I appreciate."

"Broken Flesh are good friends of mine. Highly recommended!"

"I listen to Broken Flesh. Plus, I have seen them live like 5 or 6 times. GREAT Death metal band!!!"

“One can feel the heaviness of Krig, but the direct assault of A Hill to Die Upon. "Forever in Flames" is a powerful and solid debut from Broken Flesh. Tremendous riffs amongst a wall of sound that isn’t easily matched. Here's to the next Broken Flesh release which many fans (including this one) are already clamoring for...”