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"The show’s judges, visibly touched by the tender performance, joined the audience in a standing ovation as Ray let out the last note. “You’ve got an amazing voice. I like you. You are inspirational, so for you, I think it is really important you start singing your own material because I actually think you can be a force to be reckoned with," judge Simon Cowell told Ray."

"What followed was a stunning rendition of “Stand in the Light” that got Ray a standing ovation from the crowd, had Mel B in tears, and got everyone on the judges panel to offer him a yes vote, moving him forward in the competition. Billboard caught up with Brody after his audition, and he talked about making it through to the next round, his transition process and finding a community to call home in Nashville."

"'America's Got Talent': Transgender singer Brody Ray's performance will give you chills"

"Brody Ray rounded up the fantastic singers in this episode with his rousing performance of "Stand In The Light" by Jordan Smith. Brody's audition was personal as he infused it with the emotion of his life-long journey through discovering his gender identity and ultimately transitioning to a man. Now that he is finally living his truth, Brody was ready to lay it out on the table for America's Got Talent. There wasn't a dry eye in the house at the end of his performance (there also wasn't a dry eye in my house for that matter) as he joined Joseph and Glennis in the next round with four yeses."

““It’s a really amazing story that is inspirational,” Howie told him. “You’re a great singer and I think you performed with all your heart, and right now, you’re actually standing in the light.” “I think your soul comes out when you sing,” Mel B pointed out. “I can actually feel your passion. I think your voice is great. I like you a lot. I do.” Heidi added, “I think you are absolutely incredible. I love the tone of your voice. I was also looking around the audience, everyone was on their feet. You’re going to go very, very far I think.” Simon wrapped it up, saying, “You’ve got an amazing voice. I like you. You are inspirational, so for you, I think it is really important you start singing your own material because I actually think you can be a force to be reckoned with.””

"Transgender singer Brody Ray impressed the judges when he sang ‘Stand in the Light’ on the June 26 episode of ‘America’s Got Talent’ and it proved he’s going places. Here’s everything you should know about him."

“Transgender Brody Ray sings “Stand In The Light” by Jordan Smith on America’s Got Talent Season 13 Auditions Week 5 Episode on Tuesday, June 26, 2018. “It’s really an amazing story and inspirational. I think you are a great singer,” said Howie. “I think your soul comes out when you sing. Your voice is great,” said Mel B. “I think you are absolutely incredible. I love the tone of your voice,” said Heidi. “You got an amazing voice. I think you are an inspirational. You could be a fore to be recon with,” said Simon.”

“Brody then launched into a rendition of 'Stand in the Light' by Jordan Smith accompanying himself on guitar. An emotional Med said: "I think your soul comes out when you sing because I can actually feel and hear your passion." Simon Cowell told him: "You've got an amazing voice. I really like you - you're a great guy." He added: "I really think you could be a force to be reckoned with, I do."”

"Watch: trans singer Brody Ray gives moving ‘America’s Got Talent’ audition"

"For his “AGT” audition Brody gave an emotional performance of Jordan Smith‘s “Stand In The Light,” bringing judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel to tears. Watch the America's Got Talent Singer here."

"Country singer Brody Ray brought Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel to a standing ovation on American’s Got Talent. Before his performance, Ray told the panel that he chose to perform the song “Stand in the Light” by Jordan Smith because it applies to his life, “overcoming struggles and battles.”

“What is your motivation behind your music? "My motivation is to help people find an outlet with music like I was able to. To be able to connect and relate in a way that maybe, for a second the pain and heartache would go away, drive you to be a better person, to write your own music, or to inspire someone to be who they really are and live life to the fullest. Music has saved my life in so many ways. If I can help people the way it’s helped me, then I would feel accomplished everyday. I know that coming from a transgendered persons point of view, I can relate to some many other groups or kinds of people in this world that many might not be able to. I want people to see that just because I’m transgendered doesn’t mean I’m different or can’t do what other biological male and females can, I’m no different. I write, feel, sing, perform, entertain, speak out, stand up for things I believe in, just like everyone else in the world is enabled to do. I want to use my voice not only”

“TLC - Strange Sex, "Right Guy, Wrong Body" Season 2, Episode 8 Episode Synopsis: Profiling a transgendered man who feels like he was born in the wrong body. Original Air Date: May 8, 2011 Aired: 5/8/2011 Also available on Amazon Instant Video”

“KEARNEY — Friday, Runge’s hit single “Your Only One” went on sale on all digital download sites worldwide, including iTunes. It will be released on radio stations within the next two weeks. Later Runge will travel to Belgrade, Serbia, having the second half of his gender-reassignment surgery. The song will also be featured with other up-and-coming artists on a new album, “Mega International Break Out Artists.An associate with Doc Holiday’s production team heard “Your Only One” and contacted Runge. “Usually, a singer can’t adapt to that different of arrangement that quickly, but he did,” Holiday said of Runge. “He just jumped in, and he just nailed it. He sings with such passion, it’s just unreal. He is the lyric and you can feel it.” Holiday thinks Runge’s music will cross over into a college/Dave Matthews-type of market. “He’s a slam dunk. But it all depends on him. One record doesn’t buy you the farm, but it sure as hell gets you noticed, and”

“Music Career Runge moved back to Kearney in May to save money and work on his music career. Two months later, on a whim, he auditioned for “American Idol” in Denver and told his story. Working with a private vocal instructor in Kearney, Runge made it through the first four rounds of competition singing country songs. He eventually auditioned in Aspen, Colo., in front of Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. But the high altitude, and his nerves, wreaked havoc on his still-changing vocal chords, and he “bombed” the performance. “It was bad. It was so terrifying,” he said. “You could feel how nervous I was in my voice. It was horrible, and real disappointing.” Runge’s performance aired only briefly, and TV audiences only saw the back of his head. The panel acknowledged his nervousness and told him to come back in a year and try out again. Runge wasn’t discouraged, and plans to audition for the TV show “The Voice.””

“Brody Ray on the cover of Palm Springs Pride Guide Magazine for 2013! with Berlin and Terri Nunn Front page and page 61”

“Brody Ray to open for Berlin ft Terri Nunn on the US Bank Stage Saturday, November 2nd.”

“Main Stage Lineup! Capital Pride Main Stage — Sunday, August 25 MCs - Jesse Reynolds and Sapphire Champagne 3:00 Mayor’s address & Board’s address, 3:15 Parade Marshals’ Introduction 3:45 Ryan G Hinds’ Cabaret Dramatica (45 min show) 4:30 The Cliks (45 min show) 5:15 Boylesque TO (30 min show) 5:45 Brody Ray Runge (45 minute show) 6:30 Sapphire Champagnes Drag Revue, featuring: Imana, (1h show) 7:30 Capital Kings (30 min show) 8:00 Helvetica Bold’s Hoser Burlesque (30 min show) 9:00 The Ecstatic (30 min show) 9:30 Boylesque TO (30 minute show) 10:00-11:00 DJ Lowpass”

“Some highlights include a concert set by Brody Ray, an exceptional musician and vocal advocate for transgender rights, cupcakes from the LGBTA of Virginia Tech, and lots of hugs from the great folks at the Roanoke Diversity Center. Of course, we can’t neglect to mention PFLAG, who meet monthly in our small sanctuary. It was a wonderful day to walk past protesters (yes, some where there) into the loving embrace of a supportive community.”

“The festival grounds will also see a diverse range of performers on CP’s closing day. Rock band The Cliks, featuring trans musician Lucas Silveira, headlines the festival, followed by trans Nebraskan Brody Ray Runge.”

“The main event begins Saturday at 2 p.m. with Kalamazoo Pride's first transgender musician, Brody Ray. Featured on TLC's "Strange Sex" about his transition, Brody has been signed to Dream Machine Productions and is currently recording in Nashville. His first single, "Your Only One" was released on country music radio.”

“You are invited to join Equality Michigan at Kalamazoo Pride this weekend in Downtown Kalamazoo! This year’s main event is TODAY at 2 p.m. with Kalamazoo Pride’s first transgender musician, Brody Ray. Featured on TLC’s “Strange Sex” about his transition, Brody has been signed to Dream Machine Productions and is currently recording in Nashville. His first single, “Your Only One” was released on country music radio.”

“Winner of the Competition Sing For Your Tickets through Y102 Nebraskas Hot Country. Winning front row tickets and meet and greets with Dierks Bentley!”

“Capital Pride Beer Gardens and Main Stage Sunday Aug 25, 2013 2:00pm-5:00pm in Ottawa After the Parade come join us at City Hall for the Community Fair, Beer Garden and Entertainment! Main stage: Sapphire Champagne & Jesse Reynolds Ryan G Hinds' Cabaret Dramatica Boylesque T.O. Mr. and Ms. Capital Pride 2013 The Cliks The Ecstatic Helvetica Bold's Hoser Burlesque Canada's Capital Kings The DJ Experience Brody Ray Runge Jean Pigott Hall: DJ Kitty Funk Mandee Woods Ottawa Drag Connection with Ottawa Burlesque Playground The Yes-Men Street Meat Les Sublimes Rondeurs Karaoke with Dog and Pony in the Courtyard”

"At an early age Brody Runge has known music as an intergeral part of who he is. For the past two years, music hasn't been the only thing on the Kearney natives plate. At a young age, Brody was also certain about another aspect of his identity. In July of 2011, Runge auditioned for American Idol in denver and made it through the first 4 rounds of the auditions, next he plans to audition for The Voice.

“KEARNEY — The University of Nebraska at Kearney Alumni Association, in partnership with Loper Athletics, is hosting an inaugural “Taste of Kearney” event for the community to sample local food while Kearney-area restaurants showcase their cuisine. The event runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Oct. 4 at Ron & Carol Cope Stadium at Foster Field and will be a pregame event for the Lopers’ football game with Central Oklahoma. Click Here! Participants in Taste of Kearney will buy tickets for $1 and exchange them for tastes at each vendor’s station. Student tickets are half price. Restaurants featured at this year’s event include Dickies BBQ, Flippin’ Sweet, HyVee Market Grille, Runza, The Cellar Bar & Grill and Tru Cafe. Brody Ray Runge will provide live music. For more information or to register, contact Brette Ensz at the UNK Alumni Association, bensz@unkalumni.org or 865-8465. ARTICLE: Community invited to Taste of Kearney ARTICLE: Taste of Kearney event”

“But wait! We aren't done yet! Roanoke Pride is proud to announce that Brody Ray will also be joining us for Pride in the Park 2013! ‪#‎pride365‬!”

“The inaugural Taste of Kearney event is set for Saturday, Oct. 4 from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. During the event, the community can sample local food while Kearney area restaurants showcase their cuisine. It will be held at Ron & Carol Cope Stadium in Kearney as a pre-game event for the UNK versus University of Central Oklahoma football game. The restaurants that will be participating include: Dickies BBQ, Flippin' Sweet, HyVee Market Grille, Runza, The Cellar Bar & Grill and Tru Cafe. Live music by Brody Ray Runge is also a feature of the event. Participants in Taste of Kearney can buy tickets for $1 and then exchange them for tastes at each vendor's station. Student tickets are half price.”

“Posted: Wednesday, May 16, 2012 8:00 am | Updated: 12:13 pm, Wed May 16, 2012. Outdoor Summer Kick-Off concert with A Life Led Lucid, Talbott Brothers, Brody Ray Runge, Pilot for Kite, We Are This and Scott Sunders, 5-11 p.m. Thursday at the Sonatorium in Harmon Park. Free.”

“KEARNEY – Students will get a glimpse into lives of the homeless and make cardboard boxes their homes for one night when UNK hosts its “A Night Without a Home” event Friday. University of Nebraska at Kearney students will bring their own boxes and experience what it’s like to be cold, hungry and homeless by sleeping under the bell tower on campus. “This event is about educating people that we have homeless people in our community, why we should help them and how we can help,” said Ramesh Neupane, vice president of Chi Sigma Iota. The event is open to the public and starts at 7 p.m. Friday and ends at 7 a.m. Saturday. Guest speakers from Crossroads Center, S.A.F.E. Center and Goodwill will share information about resources offered to homeless in the Kearney area from 7:30 to 9 p.m. Kearney musician Brody Ray Runge also will perform from 9 to 9:45 p.m. as part of the festivities.”