Brody and the Busch Rd Trio / Press

“FRANKENMUTH, MI — Brody and the Busch Rd. Trio is knocking at the door. Maybe it's the fresh new sound, maybe it's the youth, or it could be something in the water in Frankenmuth, a town that has given us the original sounds of Matt Besey and The Avery Set over the course of the past two decades. With the group's first full-length CD, "We're Just Visiting," having been released in May, the horizon looks mighty bright for the quartet. Produced at Andy Reed's Bay City-based Reed Recording Co., the band combines the music of the alternative '80s (think R.E.M. or U2) with the folk aesthetic of the '60s (Bob Dylan and The Byrds both come to mind). Combined with the ability to stretch out and jam live (think Black Crowes or My Morning Jacket), there is no local group sounding quite "like BBRT."”

“Brody & The Busch Rd Trio • Buying the Ticket and Taking the Ride By Bo White Eric Braeutigam goes by Brody, the de-facto muse of a talented group of renegade roots musicians who are building momentum in Mid-Michigan. They are young enough to be hip to what's happening but they can also reach back into America's rich musical legacy of blues, jazz and rock 'n roll. They can be recklessly creative at the same time they are studied and calculated musicians. They have developed their craft through long hours of toil and trouble and have come back for more. They are digging up the goldmine and finding a bounty of almost forgotten treasures. They've embraced Zeppelin and REM travelled down to the crossroad where Robert Johnson sold his soul in order to create the most intriguing music in the world. Brody is in good company. Check out Brody & the Busch Rd Trio on Facebook, Hubpages and YouTube”

“Brody and the Busch Road Trio are displaced Frankenmuth natives that are making a name for themselves. They are close musical cousins to the incredible Honky Tonk Zeros.”