Brock Betz Band / Press

““It’s rare to find an elite talent with the passion to match it. That’s what you get with Brock Betz. He has to play the guitar. He has that thing inside him that fuels him to play, as if it is essential to his existence. I’ve been around long enough to see guitar legends from the 70’s up to today, he’s as good as any of them.””

Steve Porter Rock Rage Radio

“Brings something new every time he steps on stage. Reminds me of so many guitar heroes of old!”

Mark - Reverbnation

“You are a master shredder:) I am giving you some plays, to move you up the charts, where you belong:) Cheers, Terry”

Terry Carr - reverbnation

“Brock Betz is at the head of the class when it comes to Super Guitarists that will be taking over for the old guards. This guy plays majesticvally!!! With young talent like this - rock'n' roll is not just in good hands , its' gonna get even better!!!”

Rick Frost - reverb nation