Broccoli Samurai / Press

“These guys kept the pedal to the metal, unleashing a set full of pulse-pounding, dancefloor shredding jam. This was definitely one of the most unexpected bouts of rage I’ve felt in a while; I just didn’t think they were going to be that powerful. It’s not often that I leave a show feeling this excited about a new band, but Broccoli Samurai brought the dank shit”

“Up next was Cleveland’s own Broccoli Samurai. I knew this was going to be a good set. These guys tore up their spot at The Werk Out, and they didn’t disappoint this night either. Broccoli Samurai only escalated the fiery spirit which The Main Squeeze had ignited in the growing crowd. With strong bass lines and jamming electronic elements, Broccoli Samurai kept everyone dancing...”

“Northeast Ohio’s improv- electronic movement is on the rise of late with new Rock Hall City band Broccoli Samurai adding its unique blend to an already familiar dish. ”

“Five Highlights Brocolli Samurai. These guys are an awesome, talented up-and-coming band out of Cleveland...... They have nasty, live drum and bass breaks and a super dope drummer ”

“Hidden in the back woods of Garrettsville, Ohio, Lotus jammed for nearly two hours each night along with complementary mind-blowing performances by Big Gigantic,.......... The Werks Superjam, and Broccoli Samurai.”

“This year, Saturday (at Summer Dance IV) gave rise to some new acts like Sweet Earth and Broccoli Samurai. - ”

“Broccoli Samurai has emerged over the past year as one of the strongest electronica jam bands in Northeast Ohio.”

“Compared with the likes of local-act-turned-regional-sensation Papadosio and Disco Biscuits, Broccoli Samurai stems from the gospel of the Grateful Dead and Phish; thus all the followers in the contemporary patchouli-friendly jam-band scene.”

“Add in my pick for best-named band in Cleveland—who else but Broccoli Samurai...”

“The almighty Broccoli Samurai is playing because they play pretty much every single day, toiling in the funk mines as it were.”

“Talk about a contradiction: What's worse than broccoli? And what's more awesome than a samurai? Broccoli smells horrible and is the object of every kid's abhorrence. Samurai are some of the most revered warriors in history. Combine the two and you've got one sweet band name.”

“Broccoli Samurai inject much-needed playfulness and humanity into the chillout genre. As they put it, "Arrive in good humor, proceed accordingly."”