Broadcaster / Press

“Guitarist and vocalist Chris McTernan has been steering Broadcaster since the days when they hailed from Worcester and were called Killing Pablo. From that band’s even noisier and more lo-fi template emerged a beautifully damaged sound that’s brimming with soaring guitar lines and choked with equal parts tremelo and rage. Broadcaster’s confessional, pop art songwriting seems heavily influenced by Silkworm and Gang of Four.”

““Drunkard’s Walk” shares more than a few discordant moments with some of Lou Barlow’s best, before breaking into a wide open and beautiful arrangement more artsy and angular than most while still remaining an immensely listenable track. This is a good record. Find it. Own it.”

“They have a dynamic, layered sound. The rhythm section is tight. I feel exhausted watching their drummer. The singer/guitarist shifts between singing and screaming. He is able to conquer the shoddy PA system and really puts on a show swaying and stumbling to the sound. A memorable set”

“Broadcaster plays fuzzed out, frantic indie rock that clearly has its roots in the classic period of the late ’80s/early ’90s when the indie world was more concerned with rocking out in a basement than growing a beard and recording folk songs in a cabin. At various points, I hear the Replacements, Fugazi, Jawbox and Sonic Youth, but at no point do I find myself thinking Broadcaster sounds overly derivative. I am definitely interested in hearing more from these guys”

“Still pining for that Archers of Loaf reunion? Bong rips and Built to Spill as part of a balanced breakfast? Still enjoy screaming along to vintage Modest Mouse and Joan of Arc? Look up "La Brea" or "Old Creep" from Broadcaster and tell us you're not hooked”

"Southron New England, if you made the mistake of missing So Cow & Broadcaster tonight in Providence, DON'T MAKE THIS MISTAKE AGAIN!!"

“It's '90s indie-rock fun at its finest ...If The Lonesome Crowded West, Icky Mettle, and Keep It Like a Secret remain on your daily '90s rock playlist, seek out Broadcaster immediately.”

“This band has found a nice balance between songwriting and noise, two things I happen to enjoy....From what I understand, this band is mostly the brainchild of Chris; the impression I got watching him go off onstage was of a man exposing his own personal mode of catharsis. Although angst-ridden, the vibe emitted isn’t nihilistic or hopeless. It is the angst of emotional release.”

“...the forthcoming EP Drunkard's Walk from 75orLess newcomers BROADCASTER (formerly Killing Pablo) will be worth the wait; new, full-blown versions of "La Brea" and "Old Creep" may prove my theory that we're harboring the next Modest Mouse here in Providence”

“I can hear Built To Spill influences with this track "Passerby" off their new EP. Its never a dull moment when these guys play, I clearly remember McTernan and crew tearing up The Hotel Vernon in Kelley Sq with a badass cover of Iggy Pop's "Search and Destroy"... I'm definitely excited to see these guys play soon.”

“The mighty Broadcaster from Providence came up in September to record their debut album. Great hooks and crazed live energy, referencing everything from Big Star to Polvo to Built to Spill. Finishing the record this month, get prepared.”

“I have been a big fan of Broadcaster ever since our first show we played with them years ago when they were playing under the name Killing Pablo. They play with passion and for me that is a big selling point when listening and enjoying music.”

“Full disclosure: my brother is in Broadcaster. But before you raise your pitchforks and head into the comments section to cry nepotism, be advised that my adoration of the band has nothing to do with the fact that my brother is in it. They are flat out, ass kickingly awesome. And you don't have to take my word for it; they recently won the Breakthrough Act of the Year award at this year's Providence Phoenix readers poll. The PEOPLE have spoken! They are even Ted Leo Approved! So don't dilly dally getting to the show. Get there early, have some booze, and experience the fury that is Broadcaster.”

“Tunes like “Waiting On” and “Choke” showcase Broadcaster’s knack at churning out barroom licks but there is a definite twang there. Drunkard’s Walk finishes strong with “Old Creep” and the hook fueled “La Brea” ratcheting up the noise.”

“The handful of Broadcaster demos (streaming at ReverbNation.com/BroadcasterRI) came roaring to life during a spirited 30-minute set at Firehouse 13 on Monday. The quartet launched into "Old Creep" like seasoned pros, breaking guitar strings in the process. The live debut of "Waiting On" didn't disappoint (even with the false start), and the climactic gallop and George McTernan's ratatat snare on "Passer By" was trumped only by the finale of "La Brea." There was plenty of wah-wah, underwater tremolo, and woozy reverb on the clever "Index of Bands"”

"Seven demos in and I'm hooked on Broadcaster. If you like the reverb-soaked sounds of Built to Spill, the post-punk sludge of Archers of Loaf, and the jangly, shout-along jams of Modest Mouse and Broken Social Scene, then you're gonna love Broadcaster!"