No Way Band / Press

“Already with a scheduled release for the debut album, this quartet from São Paulo/Brazil shows that drank from the fountain of Thrash Metal. The title track, which won the "1º Festival of Independent Bands from Osasco", shows slow passages full of Thrash Kreator's style. The execution is precise and the work of Daniel Bianchi (drums) and vocalist Diana Arnos stand out. The vocals of the girl sounds like a mixture of Mille Petrozza and Chuck Schuldiner (Sound Of Perseverance era) and the result is quite good. The other three tracks can be considered as a bonus, since they don't have the same quality of production of the first. In these three songs is possible to hear the influence of Pantera, especially in the heavy bases of March Through The Fire. While Praying With Bullets and Let The Blood Run (recorded live at Manifesto Bar) also follow the style of Leading Way To Suicide.”

“Nowadays it is not so hard to find women way better than man when it comes to guttural vocals and No Way Band is a recent example. The vocalist Diana Arnos shows intensity in her voice while interpreting the strong compositions”

“8th band of the night, NoWay, a favorite since the beginning of the festival, made ​​a flawless presentation with a really heavy sound. With a 100% own repertoire, they played the songs "Flying Reaper," "Marching Through The Fire," "Let The Blood Run" and "Leading Way To Suicide", highlight from the band. NoWay was also one of the bands that won a saturday's gig at Manifesto Rock Bar.”

“Heavy Metal first appeared in this semi-final with No Way band, placed second in the second elimination round by the jury. Even with only one guitarist, the weight and aggression are evident, presenting the audience with one of the best performances of the night. Among the songs on the set list was Let The Blood Run and Leading Way To Suicide in which all members stand out, from the bass to the guttural vocals.”

“Who didn't know No Way band certainly was surprised when the singer poured all the fury that only a guttural voice can show. In addition, the band has great musicians and, as a result, was one of the best shows that night. Highlighting the song Leading Way To Suicide ”