Brixton Saint / Press

“Brixton Saint’s music has garnered an impressive following in a very short time. In February 2010, the band released its debut album, “The Cure for the Babylon Brain” (Green Eyed Lion records). “When I wrote ‘The Cure for the Babylon Brain,’ I wanted it to be an essentially reggae album that also touched on my other influences (dance hall, rock, R&B, ska). “The album has received a great response from industry professionals and the average music fan as well” Brixton Saint seems to be in a pretty good place and moving swiftly along the trail of success. He continues to play for fans in Philadelphia and Baltimore and at places in between. With the debut album making its way into the hands of fans worldwide, even bigger shows are to be expected. “Finishing the album was the biggest accomplishment so far but the futue looks bright,” says Saint, who adds (with a smile) the band’s overall goal is “to fight babylon with music".”