Brittany Frompovich / Press

"Just watched all your YouTube videos, and am very impressed with your passion and emotion in your delivery. There are so many different depths and dimensions in your songs...it is as if other worlds are finding a portal into this one!"

A fan - Facebook

"Brittany Frompovich traveled about ¾ of the way across America to deliver some of the most heartfelt music I have enjoyed. Moving between her 6 string fretted bass, to her 6 string fretted/fretless to her upright electric 5 – often in the same piece! – she delivered both as an instrumentalist and as a vocalist. Elegantly."

"Beautiful music with a sense of humor and a serious side. All played to perfection..."

Paul Autry - 1/2 Creeper Magazine

“ "Mature and polished...at times poignant, at times almost irrreverently humorous, but always with an edge."”

Allen Foster - Songwriter's Monthly